Caritas Alegres Para Cristo
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Misión Entregar la palabra de Dios a todos los niños de una manera dinámica, a través de valores, e historias bíblicas dándoles ayuda espiritual y ayuda física para que sean niños integrales, y conocedores de la verdad.
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Say NO to Normalizing Pedophilia & Child Sexualization
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This page is to share information regarding the sexualization and abuse of children. We need to make people aware of the seriousness of this issue. We can organize and share events, such as rallies and marches, to protest. Lets Save Our Children from this evil! Being active and loud is the only way we will help save our children. Please, be kind, respectful and truthful. Be careful with language, please no cursing. If you share photos, please try to block our children’s faces, if possible. As we do not want to expose the children any more than they already have been. Please, fact check any information before sharing. Report anything that is harmful or hateful to the admin. Lets do all we can to assist in saving children from sex trafficking, abuse and anything else that harms them.
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Global Skywatch
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THIS IS the largest crime against humanity in human history. We are a family-friendly group that welcomes everyone everywhere to learn about the jet trails in the sky, technically known as "Chemical-Aerosol-Injection", commonly called "chemtrails". > See http://gsw.bz/chemtrails We also allow a wide range of related subjects > See http://gsw.bz/ac WELCOME Chemtrails are highly toxic and must be stopped. We're working together to bring an end to this crime against humanity. > See http://gsw.bz/illness We share information and experiences about chemtrails. We are also organizing and mobilizing chemtrail awareness activities globally to alert the public about the largest and most deadly crime against humanity in human history. LEARN MORE If you're exploring chemtrails and have questions, please join us and let us help you in your research. PLEASE JOIN US We need your help to stop this historic crime against all life. Our Parent Website: http://GlobalSkywatch.com/ Our Group Rules: http://GlobalSkywatch.com/facebook We allow a wide range of subjects. Please visit our Acceptable Content List for a complete list: http://gsw.bz/ac
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