The Town and Island of Neo Buda (#ACNL/#ACNH)
#AnimalCrossing Village and Island #ACNL #ACNH #NeoBuda Neo Buda, Township of Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS FC# 4296-3701-7328 DC# 4D00-000F-98B4) #ACNL, etc... Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons #ACNH - Europe, Southern Hemisphere, Pears. SW-1396-6458-1403 Nippon System: 2981-7511-5785, DC# 1C00-000F-A769... SZLISZE / BlackJestr on Miiverse: https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/SZLISZE https://www.neobuda.com/ http://qracnl.mentalmidgetslayer.com/ No stealing, running through flowers, ask before taking unless offered. Make it a good experience for all people, some guy (FC Name: Aleksandar) dug up a seedling and forced me to send two people back. One a fine fellow. Luckily most of you out there are good folk. It's generally good to read bulletin boards. I do bury and hide gifts and stuff (not the fertilizer) for finders to keep, my scavenge hunt..
Golok Z Buday
Alexander Johnson
Carmen Delgado