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We are a premiere firearm's training and security consulting group. From Security detail to competitive shooting and more.  At Valortec, our endgame is to empower you to protect yourself and your business. We do that by teaching you the tools you need for better personal and corporate protection, providing cost-effective tech to reduce enterprise-wide risks, as well as detecting and countering both personal and corporate-level threats on your behalf. We have experienced personnel ready to deploy in training, consulting, and protection missions throughout the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world. https://www.valortec.com/
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Welcome to 407 Outdoor Club. This is a bilingual page (English and Spanish) was created with the mission to bring together all who are curious or currently practicing any discipline that is related with the great outdoors. Mainly to keep American traditions alive. You are welcome to share your adventure, place to go, a review related with equipment or places within the page mission, events, questions and answers about outdoors sub categories and other related contributions. Those includes: Camping, Hiking, Sport Shooting, Archery, Hunting, Fishing, Offroad, Nature Photography, Stargazing, Astrophotgraphy, Paddling, Survival, Prepper and more. People from out of state is also welcome to share and post.  Rules: Do not post links promoting anything Respect members Do not post nudity, grose or offensive pictures or comments Español Bienvenidos a 407 Outdoor Club, esta pagina fue creada con la misión de que las personas con la curiosidad o que actualmente este practicando actividades al aire libre puedan compartir sus aventuras e intereses. Y principalmente mantener las tradiciones Americanas vivas. Eres bienvenido a compartir tu aventura, lugares a visitar, eventos, hacer preguntas o contestar respuesta de otro miembro con relación al tema de esta pagina. Puedes hacer tu critica sobre algún equipo or lugar relacionado con el tema de esta pagina or otro tipo de contribución.  Reglas: No se permite enlaces para promociones. Mantener respeto a todos los miembros. No se permite comentarios con desnudos o ofensivos. 
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