The KellyJaye
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This Website's target audience includes Conservatives, Libertarians, Constitutionists. Republicans , Independents Center or Center-Right.   I believe knowledge is power, and that 'power' is free for all. I love to research, research, research, and sharing what I find with others. I may be channeling Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes (well, more like Watson). Knowledge is power, and that 'power' is free for all. Unfortunately, for those who are corrupted by that power, would rather control others by various means and the byproduct is that people will not seek the truth themselves. As long as people are convinced they have no time, are not smart enough, it's pointless, etc. then the corrupt will always be in control. This is where the website comes in. My goal is to provide a one-stop shop to help save one from having to search, search, search over and over again.
We the American People
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A place for American History, Current events, and future ideas for liberty and freedom! We request that you act with respect and courtesy on this page. Crude posts and posts with cursing will be deleted.