Howard George Stirrup
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Raising awareness about the theory of knowledge since 1983... 1. The bigbang theory misleads people to feel infinitely small and insignificantly "lost in space". 2. The theory of evolution is a materialistic delusion, that makes mankind feel as gods and reduces the sense of responsibility & liability. 3. The globe model causes us to dismiss our senses and prevents us from exploring our physical reality and understanding our true nature. 4. Space exploration embezzles over 100 million of worldwide taxes per day, that could help end poverty, research illnesses and aid effects of natural disasters. 5. Geoengineering might have side effects on human life and surely we could reduce emissions first by abolishing all patents on renewable energy technologies. 6. "Anti-Vaxxer" is a trigger word that provokes people who have been negatively primed to ignore and/or fight any inquiry, like why certain ingredients that are only beneficial to the industry, are not removed/improved (Sodium Chloride, Aluminium phosphate, MSG, Human albumin, Bovine from cow skin, Sorbitol and Thimersol derived from mercury). 7. Tap water is usually treated with harsh chemicals like fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, aluminium and bromine, to help the water companies protect their pipes by killing bacteria and other living organisms...you are a living organism and no amount of poison is safe for human consumption. Fluoride is also known for making people docile and submissive. 8. Influencing infants 3-5 years old, to experiment with their sexuality and learn ideologies before they have developed a critical mind to use their initiative, is known to cause identity disorders, anxiety, depression and addiction from such early exposure. Uncertainties, doubts and self conscious insecurities cause people to be dependent on guidance from the declared authorities in fashion, lifestyle and government. 9. Since the early 60's the music industry has been using subliminals by backmasking and hidden messages in the very high and low frequencies. 10. TeLIEvision programming, with a high flicker rate and bright colours impel us into a state of trance, making us open to suggestion, because the brain alters from beta to alpha waves, which makes it much harder to think critically...due to the influences of repetition, subliminals, humour/sarcasm, negative priming/traumatic memories and temptation...etc 11. His-story has been distorted and kept secret, conditioning us to be proud and dismiss all the evidence of a huge cataclysm, visible in all photos of cities taken during the early 1800's and brainwashing us to believe in primitive societies and ignore their impressionable infrastructure and advanced technologies (ancient temples & starforts = power stations!)...Misguiding us towards a "New World Order" that is presented as the best option possible. (Dictatorship...instead of self governing with transparency & technology) 12. Order out of chaos, sadly it seems that the majority of "terrorist" attacks are staged, most virus outbreaks are experiments and lots of protesters and truth movements are steered by an agenda using the Hegelian Dialectic, for example the fear mongering in 1992 with Severn Cullis and again in 2019 with Greta Thunberg..to arrive at a desired objective. (Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030) ...My common sense tells me to keep asking questions until I'm properly informed and to keep sharing what I learn with the people that I love unconditionally. So I will take all the slander aimed at my integrity, all the mockery about my intelligence and all the judgment of my sanity, however it comes! I'm not going to give up on you 💌 Howard George Stirrup.
Howard George Stirrup
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P.O Box 541284, Merritt Island, FL 32954 English: From an early age, I have been extremely interested in politics, News and communications. My professional life has been with Information Technology, giving me access to much valuable information and in my extra time, I’m a conservative research broadcast journalist. Coming from a technology background, I’m able to navigate through out multiple sources to validate the information and then it helps me to bring you the correct information as it should be without the loyalty to a particular group and more importantly without an agenda. Spanish: Desde muy temprana edad, he estado muy interesado en la política, noticias y comunicaciones. Mi vida profesional ha sido en la informática, esta me ha dado acceso a mucha información valiosa, conservadora y en mi tiempo extra, soy un periodista investigativo. Viniendo de un fondo de tecnología, yo soy capaz de navegar a través de múltiples fuentes para validar la información y luego me ayuda a traerte esa información verídica cómo debe ser sin la lealtad a un grupo en particular y lo más importante sin una agenda.