Flow -in- Seasons - Rays of Love
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Disclaimer: To Readers, The information shared in this space and platform is Only of INFORMATIVE AND EDUCATIONAL USE. Always recomended to use your own Judgement, and discernment before making any desisions or actions.   Heed: It is encourage to make your own research and verify all information.  Decisions made by users are solely Their Own absolute Responsability. Flow-in-Seasons is not responsible for any unfavorable reaccion.    Note: Opinions express, errors, and omissions of third party content or material are copyrirht. These Only constitute a fair Use and These Belong to the Author.  The Information share in Flow-in-Seasons DOES NOT IMPLY, NOR REPLACE UNDER NO AND ANY CIRCUMSTANCES MEDICAL OR PROFESIONAL ADVISE. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS, ALWAYS, CONSULT & SEEK MEDICAL ASSISTANCE AND PROFESSIONAL HELP.                                Flow -in- Seasons_Ray's Of Love    FIS_R'OL emerge from the concept of life"s journey & constant changes. A Self-Reflexion, experiences, metamorphosis, resiliency, and a shift of mind and heart. The wish to resurface and sprout, an introspective of advancement and novelty."             " One is never to young or to old" to learn something new" age is just a number"   As Read and is Written. ECCLESIASTIC 3:1-11 THERE IS ATIME & A SEASON FOR EVERYTHING.                                                   "DWAP "LIVING TO CREATE"  A space desingn with a diffrent concept glance of diverse ideas. To share helpful and constructive tools, that can be of interest, or Aid, Conforming each situations, circumstances, or needs of each individual.                                   "One Heart at a Time "                   Place of Free Spirited  ambience for sharing practical tips, in well-being, self-nourishing, some creativity, exploring or discovering innate talents; in a high spirited, graciously and gratifying way.    A Nexus for: Wednesday Prayer Bilingual Services via Zoom at 7:30 pm  Bible classes on Sunday at 6:00 pm  Offfer by, Pastor. Ester Ortiz  939-218-1714  Church ⛪ La Pesca Milagrosa - Casa de Restauracion   WELCOME ALL & THANK YOU for visiting the page. As time allows throghout the paceful and gradual evolution of R'OLFS there will be some diffrent postings, inf, videos, etc... Hoping it will serve as a nexus of useful reources and a skylight Pathway of Hope.                                      "There is transformation throughout each process."                                     "Life flows according to the adttitude we approach it."                                            "Every season bring something anew "    Receptive to constructive Ideas and suggestions are welcome.    Bless Your Hearts đź’•        
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BRFD Fire Calls & Activity
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The Bear River Fire Department has been serving the community since 1951 and currently has 38 members and two junior members. On average, the department responds to over 100 calls per year; house fires, car fires, chimney fires, grass fires, motor vehicle collisions, and medical calls. Neighboring departments are Annapolis Royal, Brighton and Barton, Digby and Smiths Cove. Current fire calls & updates are posted to this page. Out of respect for the ones involved, private info like civic addresses are never shared when fire call posts are posted.   Website: https://sites.google.com/view/brvfdactivity
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