Tibisay Felida
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Pray Through It
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Connect your heart to the heart of God through thoughts and prayers on this 55 day journey. Prayers meant to bring peace, perspective, & hope as you daily cast your cares upon the Lord who will sustain you. Psalm 55:22 About: I was born in upstate New York, then became an Alabama girl at the age of 6! Some of my loves are my husband of 27 years, spending time with my husband and three amazing kiddos, lake or beach time, sitting by a fire, laughter, my beautiful sisters, listening to worship music, exercising on my Peleton Bike or Tread, & watching funny movies, & writing:) My heart in writing Pray Through It was to share God’s love, by helping others connect their hearts to the heart of God through this 55 day journey of passionate prayer poetry. Whether the first few moments of the day, or the last few moments before bed, helping readers pour out their prayers through daily meditations & reflection meant to bring peace, perspective, & hope casting their cares upon the Lord who will sustain them. Psalm 55:22 Visit www.praythroughitdaily.com to learn more or order your copy of🙏Through It.
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