by on June 21, 2020
At the Trump campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, attendees were allowed to decide for themselves whether or not they would wear a mask. Medical establishment functionaries (many of which no one elected to office or not even employed as part of the civil service) issued numerous pronouncements decreeing that those deciding not to conceal their countenances in the proscribed manner were threatening the lives of those with compromised immune systems. But unlike a supermarket, one does not poss...
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by on June 13, 2020
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by on June 3, 2020
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by on June 1, 2020
  Bob Myers, the pastor of Covenant Church in Doylestown, Pennsylvania cites white privilege among American Christians as a main factor leading to the death of George Floyd. What happened to Floyd is outrageous. Every conservative I listen to, watch, or read feels the same way. And I am sure the cop will be justifiably found guilty. But just because some self hating pathetic pastor wants to pin some evil cops actions on me, doesn't mean I will go ahead and accept it. ...
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by on May 30, 2020
In the column titled “White Nationalist Terrorism and the Gospel”, Southern Baptist ideologue Russell Moore condemns White nationalism as “the way of the flesh” and “as the tribal identity cult”. So when does he intend to publish a column similarly condemnatory of Black Lives Matter, La Raza, or even Antifa?  Rather in numerous essays and public statements, Moore has admonished Whites as to why they must strive to comprehend the anger of minorities that results in looted businesses and destroyed...
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by on May 19, 2020
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by on April 24, 2020
There is one thing that Americans will agree on and that is that the country is in a mess. The socio-economic situation totters on the brink of collapse with deficits and debts poised to consume in wholesale the total value of the nation's wealth. Upon hearing of trial verdicts or police actions not to their liking, like clockwork certain predictable segments of the population no longer simply utilize their constitutional rights to articulate their disagreement but instead like invading hordes l...
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by on April 19, 2020
by Robert Farrow   ...
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by on April 10, 2020
Jeroslav Pelikan is quoted as saying, “Apocalypticism ... was the mother of all Christian theology. (Kyle 32).” With technological explanations provided in the attempt to understand many of the obtuse symbols detailed in the eschatological portions of Scripture, it can be easy to assume that preoccupation with the End Times and the return of Christ are new phenomena some might describe as afflicting contemporary believers. However, this sense of anticipation has been a part of Christianity since...
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