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by on January 20, 2023

The Rapture and the Tribulation


Who is the beast of Revelation?


Are we backing the wrong people? Who are they really? 


In the future, a future I believe is a lot closer than what any of us actually know there will be a time of great tribulation. The world will be ruled and controlled by godless leaders presiding over an evil governmental system. Are we not seeing this happen right now? Men with great knowledge throughout the Bible associate this end-times ruler with a terrible beast in Revelation and in Daniel. This tribulation they speak of is a seven-year period of time when God will finish His discipline of Israel and finalize His judgment of the unbelieving world. 


God made both men and women in his own image. Nowhere does it mention that God got blindly drunk while making the two and mixed up the molds, it didn’t happen. 


In the final hour, a trumpet will sound and all that is left will be judgment for his or her actions. The dead will come forth from their grave. They shall rise from their eternal sleep and they shall be changed. They will shed their mortal bodies and must put on immortality. We can either believe this to be a gift from our Creator of yet another Democrat election. As for myself, I believe that those who tried hard to live by God's laws will be rewarded while the rest of us will most likely be screwed at this point. Buckle Buttercup, it is going to be a bumpy ride. 


What are we waiting for to happen before we start taking responsibility for our own flub-ups? No matter what may be running around in that nearly uninhabitable cavity you have resting upon your shoulders, you will not be allowed to wait until you see the axe rushing toward your face to fall upon your knees and scream how unfair, and unjust the world had been to you and hope that all your sins will simply vaporize. You blew that chance, Holmes. When you heard the first trumpet sound off you should have hit your knees and not waited until the last one blew. The Rapture would already be in full swing.


In Revelation, the term beast refers to two related entities. Sometimes “the beast” refers to the end-times empire. The seven heads and ten horns indicate that the beast will be a coalition of nations that rises to power to subdue the earth under Satan’s control. Later references to “the beast” in Revelation picture an individual—the man who is the political leader and head of the beastly empire. 


Just for a moment, I want you to pull the covers from over your heads and step carefully from your sandbox. “Revelation refers to an individual, a man who is a political leader and head of the beastly empire”. 


First comes the Rapture then the Tribulation. The Rapture is the resurrection of those people who died believing in Christ. On this day, the heavens will open and Christ will descend collecting all the souls that lived and died in his name. To those that still live, they and the dead will receive the resurrected bodies which were promised to them. In this hour those who understand and follow the scriptures within the church will bring about the pre-tribulation. The foretold Antichrist will enter the Jewish Temple and proclaim himself the true god. The true and only God will open a route of escape for those in Jerusalem, and Mt. of Olives will split into making a way for those in Jerusalem to escape. Untold horrors will be unleashed upon the planet and only one-third of the people will be saved from these horrors. This will continue over the next 3.5 years. 


Antichrist & False prophet


The Antichrist will wage war against those who refuse to follow him. We are without a doubt living in these times and we aren’t they will surely begin very soon. Look at what is happening around us right now and you decide. An image of himself is set up for all to see. Be aware of the false prophet. He will appear meek as a lamb but speak boldly as a dragon unto the world. It would be wise to keep an open mind and eye on all of the so-called world leaders including Donald Trump who everyone finds favor at the moment. 


Mid-Tribulation, The Mark Of The Beast


The false prophet will set up a system, an economic system, which will not allow anyone to buy or sell unless they receive the mark, 666, on their forehead or right hand, pledging allegiance and worship to the Beast. They are talking about the implants, detailing one's history, medical, records their money, and their location. This mark/chip/implant is to control the people and punish those who go against the Antichrist. Those refusing will lose their life. 


The “Dead in Christ” and the “Living in Christ”. What do I mean?


“Dead In Christ” refers to those living for Christ in words only. They dare to cry out ‘Lord, Lord’ but continue to follow the word of man instead of the words of Christ. They seek the approval of the people in public so as not to be punished by the false prophet but fall upon their knees in private saying that they are followers of the one true God.


“Livin In Christ” means just what it says, no matter who is before them, no matter where they may be, their mouth only speaks the truth no matter what may happen to their well-being. 


All of this will appear to be happening in the “Twinkling of an eye” but in truth, the people are told many times what was cooking, what has and is happening, and what is yet to come. People turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. They would rather accept the words of those now in power. They would rather accept the rewards from those who continue to lie to them and accept what they are told is free while losing their rights and their freedoms. They have slowly become slaves to the system our forefathers fought and died fighting against. 


Pre-tribulation Rapture, a time before the actual tribulation. The Tribulation period is a seven-year period when God deals with judgment on nations.  During this period, Israel becomes the central focus of attention.  This time is unlike any other since the world began and is never to be repeated again. According to the words of Jesus, unless the days were shortened “no flesh would be saved”. (Matthew 24:21-22) We speak a lot of the ‘WOKE’ and of people ‘WAKING UP’. The fate of the people and the world itself is in our hands. What ‘We The People’ decide will be our fate. Only we through the word of God can save this world.


According to the Seventy weeks of Daniel and other scripture, this period begins with a covenant or agreement (Peace agreement) between Israel and many.  The Antichrist allows the Jewish Temple to be rebuilt, confirming the agreement through military might with the world.  Thus begins the tribulation period. Pay very close attention to what is happening right now in the world around us. 


The battle of Gog and Magog - the battle of Gog and Magog is the future invasion of a coalition of nations, including Russia, Turkey, Iran, Sudan, and Libya (Algeria/Tunisia), against Israel near the midpoint of the Tribulation, motivated by the acquisition of material wealth. Since winning the Six-Day War in June 1967, the nation of Israel has grown into a world military power and has proven its ability to defend itself. But according to the Bible, the greatest threat to modern Israel’s continued existence has yet to happen.


In the book of Revelation, those in heaven witness the events taking place.  In Heaven, John sees the Throne of God (Revelation 4-5), On the throne, God has a seven-sealed scroll, which no man can open except the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the world.  Christ takes the scroll from the hand of His Father, and all Heaven celebrates.  When Christ begins to open the seals on the scroll God’s judgments begin to take place. The Seal Judgments (Revelation 6) are:

1. White Horse: the false peace made by the Antichrist at the start of the tribulation. 

2. Red Horse: Peace is taken from the earth, the result of war. I can not stress enough that people should be paying close attention to what is happening around them. 

3. Black Horse: Massive inflation resulting from the war as people look for food. There are food shortages right now but nothing to what is yet to come. Make no mistake, this is self-inflected by those in power.

4. Pale Horse: As the result of war, famine, disease, and wild animals, ¼ of the earth's population dies. The (NWO) is hard at work. We have just lived the last two years of a virus created and unleashed upon the world by world leaders, and those in power. It is important to note that the bible has told us from the beginning what will happen but people are too stupid to pay attention. John in Revelation chapters 6:2-8 describes what seems to be the result of a nuclear war.  With the spread of nuclear weapons and the potential outbreak of war between large population centers, it's not hard to imagine ¼ of the earth's population dying.  Exactly as described by John, what would follow in such a war would be a lack of food, because of contamination, followed by death and disease as weakened immune systems quickly fall to disease.

5. Persecution of believers: When the fifth seal is opened John sees, the souls of believers in heaven who died for their testimony and the word of God.  They are told, to wait and be patient until the rest of the martyrs arrived. During the first half of the tribulation, many will come to Christ as events in the Bible begin to unfold. Many will come to Christ only to face death at the hands of the False Prophet and his religious system. Rather a person lives or dies matters little as long as you speak the truth and live your life by those truths. Your suffering will be rewarded in the last days. 

6. Great Earthquake: The sixth seal unleashes a great earthquake on the earth, the sky becomes black and meteorites strike the earth. It has been foretold that God would destroy this world by fire. With the 6th seal, it puts in motion the next series of judgments, which cause even great destruction to the earth.  God in His mercy is giving humanity a chance to repent and turn. Death should not be feared by believers but welcomed. 

7. Silence in heaven for ½ hour: The opening of the seventh seal brings forth the seven trumpet judgments. Upon the 7th seal being open, seven angels stood before God’s throne, each was given a trumpet. The first four trumpet judgments result in calamities. Misfortunes, hardship, and persecution fell upon the earth. As the fifth and sixth trumpets sounded, the results brought savage attacks upon humanity causing another 1/3 of humanity to die in war. 

1. Hail, Fire & Blood: As the 1st angel stepped forward and sounded his trumpet, all vegetation on the earth was burnt. The earth became dry and parched. It was hard to grow food above ground naturally. Rainfall was far and few between. Many thought that Mother Nature had become pissed and was now punishing her children when in fact it was mankind killing off their own and weakening Mother Nature. 1/3 of the trees and all grass on the earth had started to disappear. 

2. Great Mountain burning: The first angel stepped back and the second angel stepped forward sounding his trumpet. Rumblings at sea create sounds of thunder. Explosions cause the destruction of 1/3 of the ships and 1/3 of the sea life. The first of two asteroids strike the earth, falling from the heavens appears as mountains. 

3. Great Asteroid - The third angel now sounds his trumpet. The Bible describes a great star (Gr. Aster) that strikes the earth poisoning 1/3 of the rivers and springs of water. It poisons the drinking water as it strikes the earth. Like a good book, the bible has given us an index but like most indexes, the information the bible gives is not seen as valuable. 

4. Third of sky darkened - The fourth angel stepped forward, appearing to the people watching from below, and sounds his trumpet. 1/3 of the sky in the world will darken as if night had fallen. The reason is uncertain. It could be due to sudden and violent volcanic activity, the fires burning off the earth's vegetation, or the asteroids falling to earth. It could also be due to wars being fought. 

5. Demonic Locusts - The 5th angel now blows his trumpet. As the trump sounds an angel descends from heaven into the pits of hell where he appears to set free swarms of locusts. Those who have turned their backs on God will be stung by these locusts and while they will beg for death, they will not die. Again the people will have a chance to repent and follow God or not. The decision will be in the hands of the people. The pain and suffering will last 5 months. 

6. Demonic Horsemen - At the end of the 5th month the 6th angel will sound his trumpet. And at that time four fallen angels bound at the Euphrates river are unleashed. Once these four angels are released, they will lead 200 million other demons, who John describes as horsemen, who bring the armies of the east.  This war with the East and North, against the armies of the Antichrist, resulted in the death of another 1/3 of humanity. At this point, at least ½ the earth's population has perished. 


In the first half of the tribulation. According to scripture, two witnesses who are calling down God’s judgments on the earth are in Jerusalem and the world hates them. They blamed them for all of the problems the world has faced. The Antichrist invades Jerusalem, where the Two Witnesses are killed. And their dead bodies lay in the street of Jerusalem for 3 ½ days. The weak-minded, weak-will people rejoice. The world is able to view their dead bodies, by satellite and the internet and the earth celebrates their death by exchanging gifts. Do you remember the story of Moses leading the people of Egypt out of bondage and how God made them suffer 40 years for turning their backs on God? It would appear that we have yet learned from past mistakes. 


One writer refers to the 7 angels with the 7 trumpets as bowls. 

1st Angel - The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly, festering sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped its image. We have all read or heard of the horrible plagues of ancient Egypt. It is believed by many, including myself that the festering sores are the delayed results of either the microchip implants or the vaccine forced upon the people. This is the penalty for rejecting Christ and for worshipping the Antichrist and receiving the mark of the beast. 

2nd Angel - The second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it turned into blood like that of a dead person, and every living thing in the sea died. This plague is universal and affects all the creatures in the sea. 

3rd Angel - also pours out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood. The seas are corrupted and the water is unsuitable for human consumption. Life and survival on earth itself are now threatened. 

4th Angel - poured out his bowl onto the sun, and the sun was allowed to scorch people with fire. The intense heat caused the people to call out to God, cursing God. It may well be that the natural process of evaporation of water from the great rivers and oceans is interrupted by some adverse chemical reaction. Perhaps God has plans to make changes in the earth’s atmosphere or stratosphere and temporarily alter the normal behavior of ultraviolet, radiation, and heat waves from the sun. No one truly knows but it is a safe bet that mankind is actually the blame for earth’s atmosphere or stratosphere changes. The moon will shine like the sun, and the sunlight will be seven times brighter,

The 5th Angel - The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and its kingdom was plunged into darkness. People gnawed their tongues in agony. Make no mistake, when this comes about earth will be the playground of the devil, and those suffering will be the devil’s subjects. The good and just, God will have already collected. When a child does something he/she is not supposed to they are punished and that is to come is God’s way of punishing his children. visualize the ninth plague in Egypt where the darkness was depicted as a thick and dreadful darkness. 

The 6th Angel - poured out his bowl into the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East. The Euphrates is the longest and one of the most historically important rivers of Western Asia. The kings from the East could be massive troops from the Muslim nations or from as far as China and Korea. Again I refer back to Moses when he parted the Red Sea to escape the massive army that chased him and the people of Egypt. In this case, it isn’t Moses who parts the waters. The remaining armies of the world that have survived up to this point, are also summoned to join the battle of Armageddon.

The 7th Angel - poured out his bowl into the air, and out of the temple came a loud voice from the throne, saying, “It is done!” There came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, and a severe earthquake. the great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations collapsed. Total devastation across the earth. No city will be left standing and the Lord will ruin the face of the planet and scatter its inhabitants. The earth will be completely laid waste and totally plundered. Nothing will be as it is now - nothing. 


In that hour the judgment of God will then be complete. There will be nothing left on earth for the nations to covet or fight over. The armies of the East and of the Western World will be no more. Earth prepares for the coming of the Messiah where he will set up His Millennial Kingdom on earth. The Seven seals have been opened, seven trumpets have been sounded and seven bowls of the wrath of God have been poured out, God's judgment on mankind is now complete. What fate will you choose for yourself? 



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