Robert Miller
by on May 1, 2022

Who Owns the World? Who Has Ownership Of Our Lives? 

Blackrock and Vanguard. Who or what is Blackrock and Vanguard?


What makes Blackrock and Vanguard a threat to the human race? Is this yet another in a long line of Conspiracy Theories? What person, what company or what country owns Blackrock and Vanguard and how is it possible that they could own the entire world? 


Money talks and bullshit walks. Follow the money. America and most of the world around us was built on economic competition, friendly or otherwise. Mankind hungers to compete with others and in many cases ourselves. Competition is what makes us who and what we are. Without it we quickly become stagnant, we become sluggish in our day to day lives. What would you say if i told you that its all be a sick illusion?


Things are not as they might appear. What makes everything we thought or believed in misleading and bogus? Why the elaborate deception, the traitous betrayal? What does someone get out of such an act? Control and power over his or her fellow man. Greed, and a uncontrollable appetite to have more than what they already have even if they have to forcibly take it from another person against their will. 


What would you say if I told you that BlackRock and Vanguard are forerunners of the NWO? Would you believe me or would you write me off as yet another Conspiracy Theories who believe in the bogeyman and runs around screaming like a banshee? News flash people, I am not afraid of things that goes bump in the night. 


Two towers of power are dominating the future of investing. BlackRock and Vanguard call nearly ALL the shots dealing with the financial world. Nearly every hedge fund, government and retiree is a customer…scary thought. They are the world’s largest money managers — are less than a decade from managing a total of $20 trillion. If I had to spell it out for any of you to what this actually means, I could sum it up by saying that they own ALL the money in the world and that includes your money as well.


BlackRock, Inc. provides investment management services to institutional clients and to retail investors through various investment vehicles. The Company manages funds, as well as offers risk management services. BlackRock serves governments, companies, and foundations worldwide. According to Chaikin, who spent 50 years on Wall Street, a historic event in 2022 will cause a massive shift in the wealth divide. Amassing that sum will likely upend the asset management industry, intensify their ownership of the largest U.S. companies and test the twin pillars of market efficiency and corporate governance. “Most people will never see it coming, for the simple and sad reason that nobody wants this to happen. Nobody.”


Do you remember me saying that everything we think, see, hear, and believe in nothing more than an illusion? Blackrock and Vanguard has since the mid-1970s gobbled up most companies in the world, effectively destroying the competitive market on which America’s strength has rested. They have created an “MONOPOLY’ in the global economy. Blackrock and Vanguard and other private investment companies have overshadiwed every aspect of our lives from what we eat, listen to, what we watch, what we buy and what we wear. These investment firms have become mammoth beast that controls ever custom, every mannerism, every characteristic of our being. 


So, how does this scheme work? Glad you asked. Go to ANY store, anywhere in the world and start counting the multitude of different bands of the same products that we buy on a daily bases. Hundreds of competing brands, right? Wrong! In truth all packaged food brands, are owned by a dozen or so larger parent companies. Pepsi Co. owns a long list of food, beverage and snack brands but they are all the same food just under a different label. Coca-Cola operates in the same fashion. Nestle, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Unilever, Mars, Kraft Heinz, Mondelez, Danone and Associated British Foods. The different brands available to us belongs to one of them. 


Companies are run by board members and shareholders. The more shares a person holds in any company, the more power he or she has. The more power a person has, the more they can make decision on how that company is run. The greater the decision making becomes the more everything is monopolized. Shareholders can change from time to time, based on shares bought and sold, two companies are consistently listed among the top institutional holders of these parent companies: The Vanguard Group Inc. and Blackrock Inc. Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street and Berkshire Hathaway — are the four largest investment firms on the planet and are only getting larger. 


It is the intention of these investment firms to virtually dominate all form of industry but that doesn’t end with food or clothing. 


News Media and Social Media are their playgrounds where they use both to manipulate we the common folk into believing whatever they tell us. They use the medias to guardedly and deliberately turn the lions into mindless sheep. Among the top 10 largest tech companies we find Apple, Samsung, Alphabet (parent company of Google), Microsoft, Huawei, Dell, IBM and Sony. As much as I dealy love my Android phone, Google is their largest developer. The main competitor to Apple. Microsoft owns Windows and Xbox. In all, four parent companies produce the software used by virtually all computers, tablets and smartphones in the world. Who, then, owns them? The Vanguard Group Inc. and Blackrock Inc. Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street and Berkshire Hathaway.


Have you ever wondered what was wrong with our youth this day and time? Go ahead, ask me. Why are our children and young adults so brainwashed, weak minded, ill spirited and have a disreguard for their elders, law enforcement, teachers, and our medical field? Would you like to know where to place blame? Not the major companies or the different investment firms alone - nope, sorry, you as parents have to share in the blame as well if not more so. Why you may ask - choice, the right to choose. Big business, social media, computers, phones, tablets are the down fall of not just the young people but of the old alike. With the age of the internet, vast knowledge was placed at our finger tips. We no longer had to research the actual written word to slove a problem. People stopped writing actual letters. Many of you don’t even sign your own name anymore. 


It is our task, our responsibly as parents to oversee what our children listen to, what they watch, what the read, and where they are at all times. Their well-being is without question our obligation. We are held or we should be held accountable for their actions until they become a certain age. After a certain age their actions are on them, the are then held accountable but their actions, the behavior still reflects on us as their parents. 


You can not even take a well deserved vacation without Vanguard, Blackrock, Berkshire Hathaway and State Street Corporation having their hand in it somewhere. Airplanes, ships, hotel bookings, gift shops, where you decide to eat are all controlled by these firms. Farmer are affected in a major way. Drug companies and scientific institutes, tobacco companies, the automobile, aircraft and arms industries. They even own the payment methods we use, from credit card companies to digital payment platforms, as well as insurance companies, banks, construction companies. Oh and for you ladies and for those not sure just what you determine you are, they regulate personal care brands and cosmetic brands. 


By 2028, Vanguard and BlackRock are expected to collectively manage $20 trillion-worth of investments. They will own almost everything on planet Earth. So much talk about division among the races and the two sexes. There is still talk about slavery and the people done wrong. Should Vanguard, Blackrock, Berkshire Hathaway and State Street Corporation succeed in their goal, the world will enslaved for the rest of their lives.  Vanguard and BlackRock are considered the 4th branch of government. Think about that one for a moment. 


As if what I haven’t told you enough to give you nightmares, listen up to who owns, runs, and operates Vanguard, Blackrock, Berkshire Hathaway and State Street Corporation investment firms. They would prefer people never knew who they were so as not to be openly blamed for anything. They would rather remain in the shadows. The owners of the wealthiest, most powerful company on Earth can be expected to be among the wealthiest individuals on earth. Makes sense don’t you think? As of March of last year there were reported 2,075 billionaires in the world. It is said that their wealth came from obtained their fortunes via inheritance, monopoly and/or cronyism. This means that Vanguard is in the hands of the richest families on earth. Can you name any of them? The Rothschilds, the DuPont family, the Rockefellers, the Bush family and the Morgan family, just to name a few.


Central banking is at the heart of the global takeover we’re currently seeing. The illegal COVID jab mandates are believed to be pushed into business by Vanguard and Blackrock. By doing so smaller businesses don’t have a chance of standing up against elite power. There is a tremendous effort to bankrupt the population and the governments so that it's much easier for the central bankers to take control of every aspect of our lives. How many of you have heard of the The Spartacus Letter? If you haven’t already, look it up. 


The world stage has been set and the Elite has raised the curtain on a play for world dominance. Players sit around a huge table while a game of MONOPOLY is played out right before our very eyes. The Cabal decide who owns what. They decide who, what, when, and where. They are attempt to make our choices for us without any of us having a say. Why are they doing is? Because they feel they have the right to do so and most are not smart enough to stand up against them. The NWO is littered with Neo-Malthusians. They believe that there are simply to many people in the world today and by taking control of everything they can reduce the population growth by millions. By limiting resources they can bring about a great reset. 


In 1798 a paper was written called “An Essay on the Principle of Population” by Thomas Robert Malthus. In this paper he suggested that population growth should be limited through abstinence and by restricting the marriage of those who live in poverty or suffer physical defects. He also theorized that disease, starvation and war were “positive checks” that helped to limit population growth. For those of you who finally awake enough to pay attention, you know by now that this is happening right now all over the world. 


The sad part of all this or rather part of this story is, we (meaning the world) is indeed overpopulated, and we are consuming way too many resources. If there isn’t some sort of change we could actually run out. If not in our lifetime but perhaps in the lives of our children and theirs. What I find sicking is how the elite is orchestrating their idea of a solution. The way they are going about it is gruesome and murderous. They can not be allowed to continue. They are showing the world that they have nothing but the utmost contempt for human life. 


To those who are reading this  and fail to listen to the warnings and have full knowledge and understanding of what they are doing and how it will unjustly harm millions of innocent people, we have but one thing to say to you…screw you! We The People will rise up and we will stop you in any fashion necessary and we will do so without mercy. The end will justify the need. You will not destroy America and the Free World, you will not bring about the NWO and the great reset. Patriots from around the globe will terminate your unjust cause, your hold on mankind will be abolished and the harm caused by the NWO will be overturned. 


The Patriot Brotherhood - PatriotOak




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