by on September 19, 2020
Since the city of Atlanta has been discovered and vampires been discovered mermaids been discovered pixies been discovered aliens been discovered magic is real what if Narnia is real. Judah plays part in this know why because Jesus left behind Judah half hunan half animal for the non believers and murderers of Jesus.  Half Human animal..In movie Narnia The Lion good guy killed in the end so 4 Sibling's can rule. Trump has 5 kids. 4 are adults. One still a teen. Trump is known a the Lion. Well the Snow Queen in the movie Narnia she reminds you of a Nancy Pelosi AOC RBG Hillary Clinton and a lot of other evil bitch females. Her army reminds me of the domestic terrorist we have running around in the streets especially the ones that were trying to attack the supreme Court House. Remember this is all ready planned months or a year or two prior to this and it's written in history books from the '50s and '60s. It's a replay of the Civil War . It's a replay of the anti-fascist of 1913. It's a replay of the depression of the 30s. It's a replay of Adolf Hitler in the 40s. It's a replay of the of the sixties Civil Rights Movement. It reminds me of the isis in the early millennium. It reminds me of Ferguson in 2013. And now we are reliving  it again.
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