Robert Miller
by on June 14, 2022

What is Patriotism?


It’s love plain and simple. A love for one's country, what it stands for, a common thread that holds that country together. It is pride in one's country and what we would do to protect his or her country. America as a whole has always throughout history been very patriotic in their beliefs and actions. Somewhere along our timeline that has started to change. America’s exceptions have taken on different views which endangers everyone. Oh, it’s not every living soul which lives in America but enough to make a difference.


America was founded and created on ideas for a better future, hopes, fears, and a strong desire to survive. America was born on the opinion that all men were created equal, and that they had been given certain rights by God no one would ever take from them regardless of who they were. Our Founders call this realization freedom, freedom for all. People were free to pursue happiness, free to worship their God, free to talk and speak in public of their views and choose their leaders. Our freedom has created traditions, our traditions are celebrated throughout the year. 


On the 4th of July each year, we renew these values of Independence. This celebration reminds us of the hardships our country has endured and overcome. It reminds all of us of the ones who gave their lives so we are able to walk free, speak our minds, worship the way we choose, to marry who we want, work where we want, and travel to and from without asking permission. 


Thomas Jefferson said that the tree of liberty must be water by the blood of patriots and it truly has. Each and every one of us have our own patriotic memories that should be held dear and shared with loved ones. 


I was recently told by a person in a Patriot group to stop spreading WWG1WGA ‘bullshit’. I will not name the group nor the person who told me this due to the fact that there is already far too much division in this country and I refuse to add more. WWG1WGA as far as I know was first used along with the QAnon idea and it is still is but as with most things, there are other uses of the term. QAnon is said to be nothing more than a political conspiracy theory and if you are one of those who believe that then fine, no problem. This is America and it is your right to believe whatever you wish. QAnon is a political movement but against all beliefs, it spread false claims. As with most conspiracies this for the most part been proven to be the truth, not fiction. HOWEVER, I use the term WWG1WGA in reference to all Patriots standing together as one to bring about positive change. It truly means Where We Go One We Go All. To me, this means that all Patriots fighting for justice for mankind regardless of state, country, sex, or race we stand together as one. There is no way we can all be under one roof due to our numbers so we fight along with our fellow Patriots from wherever we may be.


Patriotism is shared through all professions, all ages, and all or most faiths. Patriotism does not and has never belonged to just one political party or branch of government. Disinformation is one of our biggest foes and must be dealt with on all levels. A time may come, and I believe that it will be soon that we will have to take up arms as we did in the time of our Founding Fathers but for now there are other ways. Be active in your towns, cities, and state to bring about changes in the different laws which go against our rights and our freedom. You will discover where there is one person willing to fight for freedom, you will find another and then another. Join that person. Stand together for there is strength in numbers. For as long as allowed, remain peaceful and respectful when letting your voice be heard. A country can never have too many Patriots.


The Patriot Brotherhood

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