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by on January 12, 2021

Here's a thought I had driving to my son's school today.

Who remembers the #FreeIran movement (Green Movement)? It was in 2009 (2009 Iranian election protests).

OIAC FreeIran

Iranian Green Movement 

How about the tragic death of Nena Agha-Soltan, who became their martyr?

Neda Agha-Soltan

The "freedom fighters" (insurrectionists) relied heavily on Social Media - especially Twitter - to spread the word of their battles. The peoples of Iran were fighting back against their oppressor's. It definitely was not peaceful for Iran's military went full-force against them.

President-elect of NCRI, Maryam Rajavim has stated publicly that “the only solution to free the people of Iran and establish peace and tranquility in the region is the overthrow of the Iranian regime."   

Of course their government at the time did all they could to prevent any of the insurrectionists from being able to access the internet. However, with the help of hackers (i.e. Anonymous; the use of TOR) Twitter, Facebook, blogging platforms and more, the world saw the truth in what was going on.

Thousands of Social Media users here and in other countries helped their fight for freedom by sharing the pictures and media from the freedom fights. Countries, including United States, who supported the movement engaged by sharing the information they put out to counteract the propaganda the leaders of Iran were spewing. I was proud to participate any way I could.

Internet Activism During the 2009 Iranian Election Protests

Though Iran's leader tried to get BigTech back then to stop users from spreading the word they would not relent. They firmly believed in freedom of speech. If it was not for the internet and Social Media, the freedom fighters could not have gotten as far as they did.

Iran's fighters for democracy could not have gotten as far as they did.

You probably see what I am getting at.

What is different today regarding what “speech” is protected on platforms?

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