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by on December 24, 2020

​We hear it every Christmas

Every Christmas we hear the statement "Jesus is the reason for the season". The statement is very well intended to make sure everyone is keeping their focus on Jesus, family and the giving to others as opposed to the more commercialized events that we see around the world today that causes a lot of stress because it is expected that we "have to do things for others", not because we "want to do things for others".

Traditionally, and especially to Christians today, the giving of gifts is based on the magi bringing gifts to Christ when he was born. There is evidence that the idea of giving gifts was a pagan tradition before Christ was born and later adopted by Christians. Where it started is a topic of discussion for another time. For most it is accepted that the bringing of gifts to Jesus is why we celebrate how we do today by giving gifts to others.

​It is better to give than to receive

Again this is something we hear every year at this time but there is a lot of truth in that statement. God has created us to be givers and not just takers. We hear so many stories through out our lives about people who give time, money or just a kind word to a total stranger expecting nothing in return and they feel like they got more from it than the person they helped. I cannot remember hearing someone who truly wanted to help others say something like "I wish I not had done that" or "it did nothing for me". In most every case those people who gave tell about how much joy it brought them to be able help someone in genuine need.

​Nothing left to give

Lets face it. 2020 has been a very hard year and many simply no longer have anything to left to give. Some that have lost jobs, their financial support, their livelihood, things they have worked hard for all their lives, their own health and worse of all, their loved ones. There are times in life when we just have given so much of ourselves, our time or finances that we are drained physically, emotionally and spiritually. For many in 2020 those things have been taken from us but the end result is the same. It is not just COVID and the things around that that has drained so many people but that is a major factor. There have been other things over the past year (and some before this year) such as riots, attacks against our president (Russia prob, impeachment, supreme court nominees), our faith and us personally that together have taken a serious toll on us. It does not matter if you love or hate Trump the attacks have caused great stress and anxiety on both sides of the isle and it can drain you over time.

​Receiving is the reason for this season

I started out by asking "Is Jesus the really reason for the season". Jesus is the reason that the Christmas season is as we know it today and as I said earlier it is primary because many are of following the example of magi giving of gifts to Jesus and want to do the same for others.

While it is much better to give than to give than to receive I think this Christmas season many people need to be receiving more and giving less. It will be very hard from some as they have giving hearts and spirits and do not want anything in return. For others it is very hard to lower your pride and be willing to receive from others who just want to help.

The problem is for people who are still in a position to give that you cannot give those who are so drained and run down by life what they really need. While giving material things and sharing financially will help many who are in very desperate need the one thing many people need we just cannot give to them.

What is this gift that we cannot give?

Simply put "Hope" is the gift that no man can give. Sure, we can provide some temporary hope but the kind of hope I am talking about is that hope that brings about a "peace that passes all understanding". A hope that when life is at its hardest and people are ready to give up they hold on just a little longer. A hope that can only be given by God Himself.

Read my previous postings on spiritual warfare and what the biggest spiritual battle we face today is. I am certain that the "best is yet to come" and when everything is exposed that God is going to take back from the evil ones who have stolen so much from us and restore it to the righteous people of this country and the world. That may mean financial restoration, cures to diseases that have been kept from us or hidden technologies that make life easier and allow us to have the time spend with family instead of working night and day just to make ends meet.

​I cannot wait that long

Many people are already at the end of their rope and cannot wait any longer for these things to happen. They need that hope today. What can you do if you are at that point?

You need to be willing to receive. Jesus wants to give you a gift of hope this Christmas season that no man can give you and that you can cherish the rest of your life. It is a gift that you can share with others to some degree. The question is are you ready to receive that gift?

​How do I receive this gift?

There may be two parts to receiving this gift of hope. Some may have already done the first part and that it is put your full faith and trust in Christ and Christ alone. The second part will require a little work from you before you are ready to receive what God has for you this Christmas season and beyond.

If you have not put your faith and trust in Christ you need to simply call out to Jesus, tell Him you are sorry for wrong/bad things you have done in life and repent from them. Repenting means changing the way you think about things, not the way you behave or act. Behaviors and actions will follow naturally when you truly change your mind and attitudes. Salvation is the greatest gift God has for us and it is freely given. No strings attached. You just have to say yes to this free gift and accept it openly.

One thing I need you to understand. Jesus loves you so much he is willing to accept you just as you are, not matter what you have done or how bad a person you think you are. He cares for you so much that he is not going to leave you where he found you but guide though becoming much more than you ever imaged you could be. You cannot do enough bad things that He will not accept you and you cannot do enough good things to win His favor. Just give yourself as you are right now and He will do the rest.

​I have accepted that first gift, now what do I do?

This is where you have you have to do a little work. You need to go into your prayer closet, humble yourself before God and cry out and tell Him that you are in desperate need of hope. Tell Him the details of why you are drained, why you cannot go on any longer, that you need that "peace that passes all understanding" and the hope that only He can give you. This is the greatest gift that Jesus wants to give us this Christmas season. He does not want us defeated by the enemies lies/strongholds and wants to restore that relationship with you so badly, you just need to be willing to receive it.


It has been a really hard time for everyone. Some have had it far worse than others and have suffered great loss and frustration but there is hope.

I will say this for those of you who lost loved one either recently or long in the past. If you have accepted that first gift of salvation we are told that we do not have to grieve like those who have not hope of ever seeing a loved ones again. Grieve and hurt, absolutely. Losing those we love and care for will always hurt but do not let it ruin you life. We have the hope of seeing them again. I like to think of it as those loved ones are on a trip where there is no phone, email, etc. so we cannot talk to them but some day we will be in that same place and they will tell us about the wonders they have experienced while they were gone. I will write about this in more detail in the future.

For those just trying to get through these hard times I want to you to know there is hope when you have accepted that first gift. It will not be easy but you can have that "peace that passes all understanding", joy in life not matter what is going on (do not confuse joy with happiness) and the assurance, or hope, that the "best is yet to come" in this life and the next.

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