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by on November 13, 2020

I've been writing stories as long as I can remember - from the time my first grade teacher (when I was done with my other assignments) gave me a piece of paper with a picture on it and asked me to write a story. I have no memory of what I wrote about then, but story writing has long been a part of me (though my lowest grades in high school were consistently in English, lol)

I started writing more seriously as an adult - in part as a way of coping with a loveless and abusive marriage. When I went through the separation and divorce, I wrote even more. It became fan fiction for a famous series - with which I was addicted at that time - again, a coping mechanism. Most of those stories have not yet been adapted to my current work - including my longest, but others have - and many more have been written since I created my own world - with my sons - to absorb almost all the stories I wanted to write.

That world is Terrenden. Those stories often bleed over to the Other World (Earth). More recently, I've also begun expanding on two sets of stories that are set on Earth in general. So, now, I have three sets of stories.

A'mara Books - which are primarily onTerrenden and feature the eternal struggle between the A'mara people (a gifted sub-race) and the Balan (their adversaries) and even the shadowy Yerdua (an extreme subset of the Balan). However, unlike many series which assert that virtue has to include chastity and abstinence to an unnatural degree, the A'mara and Balan have a natural weakness to matters of the heart - because they are empathic. All of these stories have strong romantic elements and often going into erotic romance (because I enjoy writing these relationships.)

Swan Valley - is set in a fictitious Indian Reservation in Wyoming. It is intended to highlight some of the issues Native peoples face in our world while offering possible solutions for tribal prosperity - or at least, less dependence on the US Government. These novellas and short stories will be strong romance to erotic romance. 

Earthbound - is a developing series of novellas and short stories that will be primarily erotic romance.

Main genre - Romance - including steam

I love writing about relationships, especially (steamy) romance. But I have (what seems to be) a unique view on intimate relationships - I think more about nature and less about typical morals... which isn't to say they're not moral. I believe in a more natural law which is a law of consequences.

I don't believe in consequence-free relationships. They *all* affect you later in life... in one way or another. I also believe in the natural instinct to bond with a mate - at least for a time - as well as the natural male instinct to provide and protect (and create life) and the natural female desire for security so that she can spend her energy caring and nuturing for the life created. Yes, these are not absolutes! But these ideas seem to be true in the vast majority of cases - no matter what mainstream media wants you to think.

I also believe in hormones - and our innate animal nature - our instincts. The instincts which lead us to make "wrong" choices which lead to snap decisions about marriage. (Again, the instincts of providing and accepting stability in a family relationship.) The fact that natural hormones peak when a woman is at her more fertile - and the controversial belief in pheromones that (again) make us give into temptation at precisely the "wrong" moment. (Maybe I'll elaborate on this a bit more in the future...) 

Also, having personally suffered the consequence of doing things the "right" way - and choosing incorrectly (the man was abusive), I think it's bad to insist that a mistake at age 18 or 22 has life-long penalties beyond the laws of nature. Even a murderer doesn't get that long in prison most of the time! The ideals of the church puts all men on equal footing - regardless of whether they merit that... which is fine... but it's unnatural and works in a minority of cases. (Which are the true romances of the world!) Yeah, I definitely need to write more on this at some point... So many things I've thought about for a long time...

Anyway, I do apologize in advance for any offense I cause in my writing - it is likely to offend liberals and conservatives equally from time to time - but it's my view of reality in our world and our species. Plus it *is* still foremost... fiction.

I hope you enjoy most of it. Oh, and all my covers are my own artwork from DAZ 3D Studio, GIMP, Krita and Photoscape.

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