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by on April 3, 2022
At the Rally in Michigan.. 15 minutes away from my sister____ name withheld.. Didn't ask her permission to mention her name. If she sees this post she approves, I will mention her name. Tonight TRUMP (real Trump) Nailed it!! Oh holy hell.. He ripped everyone's asses apart!! Especially, Biden, Hunter, Pelosi, Chris Wallace and many others. Here's a quick break down oh Joe Biden's fk ups, Was in DC 170 years, he's racist, pedophile, raped his kids, killed his first wife, sold secrets, laundered m...
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by on October 18, 2021
Lucifer: Bible times Raining Frogs Exodus 8 New King James Version ...
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by on July 29, 2021
So Macaroon will be taken out by the military a dominio effect here on USA. It's coming or Biden will resign or be impeached. Nancy clock is ticking she about to be removed. Rumors are going around another election for Trump. Even though he still the president remember MSM claimed Obama shadow President? Well that's what Trump's doing. Domino effect again Here's another one Trump's pulling the Hillary Clinton 2016 election. Now look to the lawsuit Trump doing to social media to expose everythin...
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by on October 15, 2020
PEACEFUL Boat Parades, Peaceful Rallies, Peaceful Trump Protests when President Trump shows up in your town. Places get packed up to 50,000 people waiting. Even not insude they get to expierence the Greatest President speaking. Job numbers up, Stocks numbers up, look at the Dow, insulin down to $30 dollars at Walmart. Wheres war with North Korea? Peace to Middle East. Abraham Accords. A New Era to Middle East. Trump gave Jerusalem to Israel. Trump had Mexico pay for the Wall and plus guard the W...
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by on October 14, 2020
People in Society have gotten used to weirdos or freaks in how they dress, they just walk by and ignore them. Its the organization or hate groups organized who make these freaks famous. Like example those Activist Groups: Scientology, PETA, ANTIFA, BLM, Feminism, HRW, FMF, LGBTQ, Amnesty International, NOI, KKK, People's Action, Sunrise Movement, Bi&Sexuaks, Lesbians, Gay Men, Muslim Activists (Leaders Linda Sasour), AJC, HHF, NALEO, Satanist, SJW, SEJ, The Satanic Temple Atheists, Jehovah Witn...
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by on September 19, 2020
Since the city of Atlanta has been discovered and vampires been discovered mermaids been discovered pixies been discovered aliens been discovered magic is real what if Narnia is real. Judah plays part in this know why because Jesus left behind Judah half hunan half animal for the non believers and murderers of Jesus.  Half Human animal..In movie Narnia The Lion good guy killed in the end so 4 Sibling's can rule. Trump has 5 kids. 4 are adults. One still a teen. Trump is known a the Lion. Well th...
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by on September 14, 2020
Has anyone ever connected the movie "Doctor Sleep" with ADRENOCHROME? Scaring children to the extreme in order to produce the pheromone.....y'all need to pay attention! The movie "The Maze Runner" is another.... Do your research! This is the Hillary and Huma are accused of doing, including a leaked video!
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by on September 9, 2020
Lets go down a list •Democraps killed Native Americans in 1700's and put them in camps to SLAVE the  •Democrats started Slavery in USA ...
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