by on October 15, 2020
PEACEFUL Boat Parades, Peaceful Rallies, Peaceful Trump Protests when President Trump shows up in your town. Places get packed up to 50,000 people waiting. Even not insude they get to expierence the Greatest President speaking. Job numbers up, Stocks numbers up, look at the Dow, insulin down to $30 dollars at Walmart. Wheres war with North Korea? Peace to Middle East. Abraham Accords. A New Era to Middle East. Trump gave Jerusalem to Israel. Trump had Mexico pay for the Wall and plus guard the Wall to using the USMC ACT.Teump delivered all Americans $1200 to each single adult of 18. Plus $500 extra for each Child. Trump made promises and kept his promises. Trump was found not guilty in Trump Russia by Mueller. You should be made wasted $45 millon of our taxpayer money! Trump was not impeached. He was Acquitted. Trump wrote a bill to save the Historical Monuments fir each person who DESTROY history will be fined 10 years in Prison. Where was Joe Biden at First Debate September 29? Trump asked Joe a question, what Police Force supports Joe. Name one. Biden couldn't. All Police Forces of 50 states endorsed Donald Trump. Look what NFL, NBA are doing.. saluting COMMUNIST Socialist Hitler, Marx, Stalin, Castro. The Sports network wants USA like Commie China, Venezuela. How many of you reading my comment escaped Cuba or another Commie country to come to USA the country of the Free to than again Riot abd complain about the Law. Or cry about Freedom. Child Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, Hunan Trafficking, Body Parts selling, Organ Harvesting all exposed under Trump Administration. Jeffrey Epstein Arrest. Epstein Didn't kill himself.harvey Weinstein arrested. Hollywood in trouble. Pedogate, Pizzagate real folks. Ghislaine Maxwell arrested. Wheres the Real Bush Family? Wheres the Real Clintons? Wheres the Real Obama's? Trump created US SPACE FORCE. There is Life on 36+ other planets. Tucker Carlson working hard on exposing it. Project Blue beam. UFOS, ALIENS are real folks. New Mexico Roswell Area 51. You should visit it. Walls built almost done at 376 miles now. Families are not septated at border or put in cages. That was Obama era. Racism doesn't exist. Only propaganda starters do that like example MSM, WAPO, NYT. USA was founded in 1776. Trump mentioned July 16, 2020 about "HIDDEN TECHNOLOGIES". Research Nikola Tesla. Research Uncle John Trump. Fox a few weeks ago said "TIME TRAVEL EXISTS" Trump has warned CHINA about the virus the country released upon the world using Gates Foundation. Look at the numbers of deaths. Lockdown happened. To secure USA abd the people of the world. Trump banned travel to China, Europe and other countries. Trump saved Millions of Americans lives and MSM, Hollywood, Your State Government, DC doesn't thank Trump. Instead antagonize him, with Drunk Nancy Pelisi trying to install impeachment 2. Using 25th Amendment again like same time Kavanaugh was getting confirmation in 2018. RBG died. R.I.P RBG. Than Trump picked Amy Coney Barrett and the DEMOCRATS are trying yo get her the last 3 days if court gearings has been a shit show. What about the Rioters, Looters, Rapists, Murderers reminds ne of Book 1984. WAR IS PEACE!! BS! Why is Nancy Pelosi holding of on the Stimulus bill? Why are ANARCHIST causing Arson in the West? Why are Democraps ignoring the people? DC IN PANIC. You seen Joe Biden the other day he said he running for Senate again. And whoever votes for him is not right in the head. I rarely do these type of comments. I stand in the middle. I am a human being just like everyone else. I enjoy my life to fullest have Netflix watched movie Cuties. Have no mixed emotions about it. I seen worse movies like BOOMERANG. What about the Benghazi, Seal6, Biden involved, Hillary, Brennan with BO approval. What about Burisma Emails? Lot of Dark to Light. Wgat about Bruce Ohr left the DOJ Red October. #Trump2020TheSequel πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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