Samuel Saldana
on May 9, 2021
My take on the #Q Movement and the #Anons
HaShem (God) & ShilohMessiah send them- born in the "#LastDays" in the #BibleCode
"Q" is only one part a greater movement of the "Great Awakening" one component, President#Trump aka#MessiaKingCyrus, #jfk & #jfkjr plus#anon are just pieces of a whole.
And the whole enchilada was set up by HaShem [God] & the Messiah in these "Last Days"in what we understand as the Great Awakening... So to sum it up... This is a HaShem & #Messiah thing.
HaShem will be here soon [Ezek. 1:4-26, 10: 15 & 20; Isa. 6:1-8; Dan. 7:9; I Enoch ch 45-57, II Enoch 46:1-2] but before he comes to judge dead & alive he will send Eliyahu Hanavi [Elijah the prophet] Mal. 4:5-6.
The Sky Event:
1]Fake Invasion (NAZI + [sons of Cain + Dracos = Shifters] with a fake savior)
2]Real Eliyahu Hanavi + HaShem + Galactic federation Mal. 4:5-6.
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