In The Last Day's
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This is a group for Christians who recognize where we are on the prophetic time clock and view the events taking place on the world stage through the eyes of Bible prophecy.  I invite you to join us to keep updated on Bible prophecy today! Pastor Ron Cusano www.BethYeshuaNY.org
Ron Cusano
Andrés Munday
Lost Lives Matter!
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I think the majority of us have heard of BLM (Black Lives Matter). Well, they do, but so all the other lives....whether they be black, white, yellow, red etc. EVERY LIFE MATTERS TO THE CREATOR! We matter so much to God, that He sent His only Son to die a cruel death on a cross for our sins yet many turn away from the very sound of the name of God/Christ. ALL LIVES MATTERS!!
Marriage Matters
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Our marriages are having a major problem...many are going in an unhealthy direction...down the drain! The hope here is that we can help keep that from happening but all we can do is try.
Millard Kinnison
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