HGTV Fixer Upper Show Followers
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This Group was created for everyone who loves Chip and Joanna Gaines. You may post your decorations here, Also Chat and get Ideas for your home. Post pictures of your Projects! Ask members for advice etc...No major rules please be kind to each other! And Thank you is not needed for being added to group as it takes away from posts. Lots are joining this Group at a rapid pace So please no Thank you because you are all very Welcome. Have fun and enjoy!!!!!
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The purpose of this group is to serve as a resource in assisting people who know the truth about who Congress has not imposed the income tax, or made liable for the tax, live that truth out successfully by sharing useful and relevant information. That purpose is accomplished in various ways, among those being the posting of tax law, regulations, court cases, other useful information related on income taxes, as well as exposing the truth of illegal income tax enforcement, subjugation and duplicity. Conspiracy theories and kooky legal arguments are not welcome. We want the information to have equity.
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This is how we do it in Kentucky
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This group is about anything from woodworking to food recipes and religion.. Photos welcome.. Any kind of hobbies places, The Kentucky Derby, Kentucky kingdom, Shaker village, Many more, Share some of your hobbies with us and some places you've been. Don't forget the home cooked meal recipes.. Tell us some stories you have about Kentucky. Tips on gardening Dog grooming Fishing Hunting Farming Crocheting Knitting Quilting Whatever you would like to tell.. Hope you will enjoy this group .. Everyone is welcome no matter where you're from
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Where Minds Meet
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A place to discuss ideas and political principles. and simply thoughts. current events. not a place for bashing each other for our opinions, but to discuss and share. have an opinion that is a bit different? that is how we learn from each other. however, be warned we do have a conservative leaning. patriotic, love our country, and want what is good for the human race. no bashing, no flaming, no tearing each other down. just civil discussion and sharing news stories and videos we think the group will be interested in.         
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