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by on May 4, 2022

Acts Of Political Terrorism, What Is It Actually And Why Should We Be Concerned?


The word terrorism refers to any act executed for the sole purpose of creating terror in someone else. Terrorism is considered to be any action that causes fear and/or harm to a political, ideological, religious, or economic objective. Acts of terrorism deliberately target civilians, neutral military personnel, or other non-combatants, with blatant disregard for their safety. The word alone is emotionally charged. It could be a very good reason why world communities have failed to deal with such matters. Many if not most of these acts are That is politically motivated. 


According to U.S. law, specifically 18 U.S.C., section 2331, terrorism is defined as both domestic and international. Any acts of violence which endanger human life violate federal or state laws. Intimidation or coercion of the civilian population, Influence of any government policy by intimidation, The conduct of any government or group to cause mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping is considered terrorism. Elements of international terrorism are that it is committed outside the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S., or “transcends national boundaries in terms of the means by which they are accomplished. Those doing so can ask our government for asylum which is thought by many should be stopped.


There are six types of terrorism, many of which we are seeing happen now in the world around us. They are - 1. Civil Disorder - Groups of people often conduct civil disorder in the form of a protest, which is often staged in response to an unpopular political action or policy. BLM and Antifa are prime examples. 2. Political Terrorism - Political terrorism entails violent acts perpetrated against citizens, with the goal of making a point with governmental leaders. Like forced vaccines whether the people want it or not, mask mandates, and food shortages. 3. Non-political Terrorism - Non-political terrorism is often done in the name of religion and is a very dangerous act, The belief in God - and God is almost a thing of the past, and people are led to believe that it is the new norm. 4. Quasi Terrorism - This one is new to me, I have not heard of it to my knowledge. After researching it I learn that it means…if a man holds a group of civilian hostages in his attempt to evade police or to escape, he has used the same method as a terrorist group, but for a different goal. 5. Limited Political Terrorism - Acts of limited political terrorism are one-time acts of violence aimed at making a political or ideological statement in response to a government policy or action. In my 64 years never have I seen our government or any government perform any act of terrorism only once. Usually, if they get away with it the first time they repeat the act. 6. State Terrorism - State terrorism is one of the oldest forms of terrorism, dating back to the 1793 French Revolution. state terrorism involves a conflict that involves the government’s goal of controlling the population as in the lockdowns, calling off or closing schools, layoffs, or being forced to wear face diapers in public places.


While any group with a political or social goal could commit domestic terrorism, such acts are commonly associated with groups such as BLM, Antifa, Nazi, anyone who displays White supremacist organizations, black separatists, and other hate-based groups with such rationalization. Anarchists and anti-government militias or hired thugs. Cyber Terrorism is a whole different ball of wax seeing that with it you don’t usually see it coming. Cyber terrorism is the unlawful use of the Internet, computers, and other forms of technology to further a terrorist agenda. News outlets are guilty as hell seeing that most news reporting is on the internet. 


Anti-terrorism laws Are a joke for the most part but they are designed to have the goal of preventing terroristic acts of violence by individuals or terrorist groups Anti-terrorism laws enacted by the government extend the powers to governmental agencies, beyond their normal scope such as intelligence agencies. This only works if they are not the ones behind the terrorist act, FBI, CIA. The Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act of 1989 – makes buying, selling, or manufacturing biological agents for use as weapons a criminal act prosecutable under terrorism laws. (the Covid-19 virus).


Penalties for Terrorism: 

Since terrorism involves many criminal acts, and the crime affects large numbers of people, penalties for terrorism are very severe. One may face a long prison sentence, which will be served at maximum-security prison, under close supervision, or even death. September 11, 2011, Terrorist Attack has yet gone unanswered. I don’t care who says what, our own government staged the whole damn thing! Many died just so we could invade another country for their resources. Osama Bin Laden was working with Bush and you can not - will not tell me any differently. Nearly 3,000 people lost their lives that day and for what? Yet another lie, On May 1, 2011, U.S. troops were finally able to locate the leader, Osama Bin Laden, in Pakistan. Bin Laden was killed in the attack. Osama Bin Laden did not die on that day but much later. That along with the 9-11 attack was and still is a cover-up by our government. 


Political terrorism may be waged by extremist groups on either end of the political spectrum, more often described as "Far Left-the Democrats)" or "Far Right-the Republicans " terrorist groups. (Democrat and Republican Parties). There are good and bad on each side but they are too busy trying to out due the other that they forget to do their jobs and protect this country. The Democrat groups are most often aligned with ideologies of religious fundamentalism or racism. They view federal governments as unnecessarily intrusive on personal property rights, or are isolationist, calling for the withdrawal of the United States from global economic markets, treaties, and involvement in the United Nations.


Neo-fascists, neo-Nazis, or skinhead groups are also Far Left extremists. Neo-Nazism blends the desire to recreate a fascist state with a racist social hierarchy and strong anti-Semitism. Left-wing terrorists are most often aligned with ideologies of anarchism, anti-globalism, or anti-capitalism. Democratic Terrorists seek to destroy capitalist economic structures, most often with the intention of replacing them with socialist or communist systems. Some of the most violent left-wing terrorists currently operate out of Washington - (The White House) under Joe Biden. extremist groups often vie for power in regions torn by ethnic conflict or civil war; some are even state-sponsored by their own government or the governments of neighboring nations. Most of these groups conduct terror campaigns against civilians. Such as our government against  (Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Iran). 


Terrorism has been used for centuries as a weapon of change. Terrorism used to force change even altered the English language, the creation of the word assassin because of the Hashhashin’s in the 11th century and Roman’s use of decimation changing the meaning from killing one in ten to massacring all involved. Much of early terrorism was based on nationalist or ethnic groups, which had exhausted all other options while reaching for political freedom and therefore resorted to violence. Allow me to give you just a few examples: 1. French and American Revolutions. 2. The colonies fight for independence from England. It is argued that these were not a form of terrorism but rather a fight for freedom. It truly depends on which side you are standing on whether you believe it to be terrorism or not. Many see we Patriots as terrorists. To pass judgment on it one must look to the origin of the word itself. What is the reason behind the act? 


Packages supposedly containing explosive devices were sent to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Brennan. It was said that two days before, a bomb was sent to the home of Democratic megadonor George Soros. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot, sustaining critical injuries. A white supremacist was charged with second-degree murder in the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. All of these are examples of terrorism to some degree. The similarity between terrorists and criminals is their target. The first difference between terrorists, insurgents, and criminal is their target. The target of terrorists is random. It doesn’t really matter who gets hurt during the act. The target of insurgents is the combatant. A combatant is like police or an army that can fight in a war. The criminal is in need of money, so they rob the house in Pulomas and kill. Usually, they work alone. 


Why should we be so concerned? Because no one is truly safe. There is no true motive or reason for an attack…in most cases or so they want us to believe. Terrorist threats have evolved from large-group conspiracies to lone-offender attacks. These individuals often deliberate a cause online, vindicate their reasoning, and then mobilize to violence quickly. Without a clear group affiliation or guidance. The Internet and social media are not friendly in many causes. The internet is a social hub for International and domestic violent extremists who have developed an extensive presence through messaging platforms and online images, videos, and publications. There is a lot of talk against censorship but small children and teens still living at home should be censored to some degree. These facilitate the groups’ ability to radicalize and recruit individuals who are receptive to extremist messaging. Social media has also allowed both international and domestic terrorists to gain unprecedented, virtual access to people living in this country and around the world. 


How can we help protect ourselves? 1. Remain aware of your surroundings. 2. Refrain from sharing personal information on the internet or with anyone you do not know. 3. Say something if you see something. Do not be afraid to speak out. 4. Keep a close eye on your neighborhood, form a local or town watch. Watch each other back, their homes should they be away visiting. 5. Watch over each other's children so someone knows where they are at any time day or night. 6. Install cameras, and spotlights. 6 Be safe, lock your doors both on your car and your home. 7. Be active in your town, your schools, and your election booths. 8. Arm yourselves against would be violence. Stop it before it can start and if it does get started do not be afraid to meet it head-on. 9. Create an emergency communications plan. Choose an out-of-town contact your family or household will call or e-mail to check on each other should a disaster occur.  


It seems that terrorism and political violence are becoming more prevalent and intense. They have been, however, long-brewing and have affected many countries around the world. Understand the motivations, and leadership structure, of terrorist organizations, and develop a plan that can anticipate and adapt to their constantly morphing operations. Communism has a foothold in our country but it can be stopped if enough of us stand together and fight back. 



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