Joe Donato
by on September 2, 2021

Do to health reason's as well as this one as very few moving part's that can break, also it was in my price Range this is the main reason's that This one and NOT a $500+ Crossbow.

I'm using a 100gn with a 173 gn crossbow bolts in total about 273gn

Bolt's Fps: I don't have the mean's to test it, but base on what Cold Steel use it's 226 fps and if I take 273gn with 226 fps I get about 37 foot pounds. (https://sharpshaft.com/projectile-ballistics-calculator/)

The One in the picture is my own Modified Cold Steel Crossbow. Question or Question's Please feel free to ask me. Thank you. You can used the QR code or the Ebay Link.


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