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Golok Z Buday

Male. Lives in City of Vancouver, Canada. Born on May 29, 1978.
MindFreedom Vancouver, BC
Twitter: @MFVancouverBC http://www.mindfreedomvanbc.com/ A Volunteer Affiliate to speak for MindFreedom in Vancouver, BC in order to oppose the abuse of persons' minds by cultish or psychiatric abuse like political psychiatry or behavior modification. Not an anti-psych hate thing. Promote MindFreedom and spread awareness of it, found here: http://www.mindfreedom.org/ This individual affiliate is not a Scientologist if it concerns you, nor hates all psychiatry, just the Wild Beast variety as SZasz calls it. Mission Spread MindFreedom(.org) and Mind Abuse awareness. Also to spread some Mad Pride!!!!!!!! If forced into VGH or Riverview and need a rep for appeal, call, phone is for emergency.
Golok Z Buday
Ramon Pena
The Free Thought Project
The Town and Island of Neo Buda (#ACNL/#ACNH)
#AnimalCrossing Village and Island #ACNL #ACNH #NeoBuda Neo Buda, Township of Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS FC# 4296-3701-7328 DC# 4D00-000F-98B4) #ACNL, etc... Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons #ACNH - Europe, Southern Hemisphere, Pears. SW-1396-6458-1403 Nippon System: 2981-7511-5785, DC# 1C00-000F-A769... SZLISZE / BlackJestr on Miiverse: https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/SZLISZE https://www.neobuda.com/ http://qracnl.mentalmidgetslayer.com/ No stealing, running through flowers, ask before taking unless offered. Make it a good experience for all people, some guy (FC Name: Aleksandar) dug up a seedling and forced me to send two people back. One a fine fellow. Luckily most of you out there are good folk. It's generally good to read bulletin boards. I do bury and hide gifts and stuff (not the fertilizer) for finders to keep, my scavenge hunt..
Golok Z Buday
Alexander Johnson
Carmen Delgado