Jorene Kay
on November 22, 2020
We were burning up leaves today, the oxygen of wind bringing life again and again to the seemingly dormant fires.
At one point we were left with a black strip of soot and ashes and I felt Holy Spirit speaking, "There is always resurrection from the dead"
Following a raging forest fire, you will see an even greater growth of timberland, patches of teeny green sprouts that quickly cover the forest floor in a bright, grassy mat.
I am reminded of a visit after a forest fire that had left horrific destruction of charred, naked branches-trees stripped free of their foliage, homes wiped out to their foundations, stores emptied of their wares, everything laid out to the elements, unused and un-needed any longer. It looked like something out of a war-zone and then...Several weeks later we returned to see how the area had fared. Grass was springing up everywhere the fires had swept through, fresh undergrowth poking through the ground, young trees determined to survive-everything new, revived, better than before šŸŒ±Remember, resurrection always comes from the dead. Holy Spirit hovers, Ruach Breath bringing beauty from the ashes, the embers of His fire stirring through the dry places of your life. Hope again, smile again, get your excitement back again.
The Way Maker is here, ask what you will
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