Jorene Kay
on September 16, 2020
The Power of Our Words
In Numbers 22, we are introduced to Balak, king of Moab. The Israelites have just conquered the Amorites and he is fit to be tied!
He knows the heavy weight of word curses, how they can bring death and destruction upon generations, so he summons Balaam. Apparently Balaam has a track record, where what he speaks as a prophet, reaches fulfillment; what he blesses is blessed, what he curses is cursed.
King Balak has a plan to subdue these victorious people through Balaam. But God said not happening and Balaam agrees. The pay off is increased and becomes inticing. Instead of repeating God's answer to the king, he pretends to forget, returning to the Lord, hoping for a new answer.
The next morning, as Balaam sets out on his journey, saddling up his donkey, his eyes are blinded to the angel blocking their path. His donkey seeing the angel of light, repeatedly avoids the path, frustrating Balaam's plans, causing him to lash out in anger.
The Lord has enough of this abuse and causes the donkey to...speak! Imagine that surprise!
Here is Balaam having a conversation with his animal, when his eyes are opened and he sees the messenger of the Lord before him. Realization dawns as he is convicted, repenting of his sin of disobedience.
He is permitted to continue on as he had planned, with one caveat; he must speak only what God gives him.
The king obviously did not know the holiness of this God, because he still invited him to come.
Altars were built to the Lord, and Balaam goes to 'inquire of the Lord' [chapter 23]
Now, Balaam already knows the Lord will not curse His people, but maybe he is buckling under the fear of man as the king and all his officials stand there, waiting. He returns from the Lord's presence with a message to bless, not curse the people of Israel.
The king is incensed-this is not going as he had planned!
Even as Balaam repeats that he will only speak the word of the Lord, the king thinks he can change God's mind, taking Balaam to a different area, overlooking Israel, bargaining with him to curse just half of the people.
Now remember, Balaam has heard from God; one Word is all he needs, again he retreats, 'inquiring of the Lord'
This time Balaam returns with fire in his mouth, as his God is not happy!
???? "God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through?" [Numbers 23:19]
King Balak realizes he is getting nowhere, yet recognizing the power contained in words, asks Balaam to at least withhold his blessing. Again, Balaam repeats God's message.
Still, the king does not give up, taking him to yet another area that overlooks Israel, thinking maybe this will change God's mind (reminiscent of satan tempting Jesus in the wilderness).
Balaam, apparently not rooted in the Word, easily swayed by man, weakens a little, asking the king to build 7 more altars to the Lord.
Keep in mind, he already has the final answer, straight from God Himself, but the enemy is crafty, planting doubt and uncertainty.
Finally in chapter 24 (right?), Balaam detects deception in the king and surrenders to God's will. As the Holy Spirit comes upon Him, providing the words to speak, he releases a powerful blessing over Israel.
King Balak is angered. Not only did Balaam not curse Israel as directed, but now there's been a blessing placed with three times the favor of God. He orders Balaam out of his city and even goes on to blame God for the promised wealth, Balaam will now, not receive.
But the king hasn't counted on his threats, boomeranging back on him. As Balaam turns to go, he releases a final word, a message of death and destruction; not to Israel, but to the king's kingdom. They part ways.
I'm sure by now the king regrets even opening his mouth.
There is a lesson to be learned here.
The power of life and death are in our tongue [Proverbs 18:21]
What God blesses, no man can curse [Genesis 12:3]
Evil plans to be carried out, will come back upon the head [2 Peter 2:13-22]
Instead of a curse, Israel received 3 times the blessing. Where the enemy intends to bring harm, God turns around for great good-with accrued interest! [Genesis 50:20]
Had Balaam been steadfast, immoveable, face set as flint to what God had spoken, he could have avoided much of this headache with the king, but he became double minded, wavering in unbelief. Despite walking in the flesh, God used Balaam's weakness to bring His people, strength. No one and nothing is beyond the reach of the Almighty!
Mark this down. If God said it, He intends to do it!
-Jorene Kay
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