Jorene Kay
on September 16, 2020
I felt Holy Spirit impress something upon me this afternoon, then saw this post; after counseling countless wives and wives in waiting, this seems to be a running theme-unworthiness; their men struggling to realize their Christ identity, which remains a source of frustration for Kingdom women.
Many men feel like they can never be what a woman of God needs. But here's the Truth-ready?
Become a man of God, surrendered and submitted to His will, and you will be EVERYTHING she needs.
Here's why.
She doesn't find her identity and purpose in you, but in the Lover of her soul. She seeks Him, before she ever takes a look at you. Her every aim and desire is to please Him; by her conduct, decisions and character.
The pressure is off, guys. All you have to do is ask what God is saying and do it.
Live your life worthy of His Call and God may find you worthy of her love-simple, right?
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