Gerardo Bloise
on October 8, 2021
On May 31, 2021 I retired from the Orange County Sheriff's Office after 21 years of service to our people of the Orange County. First I thanks to my Lord to give the opportunity to served, Second to my family to their support understanding the long hours of work leaving them 0200, 0300 anytime for on call services. I'll will continue
doing forensics by doing workshops, conference, teaching thru GJ Forensics LLC. Also I inform you that I working at this time in my book that I did a compilation of the 20 important cases that was solved by forensics evidence. The first case that going to share with you is the Caylee Anthony case. You will see in my book, photos, lab reports, conversations of the cases that never was reveal even when the trial took place. So, stay tuned in this group for more information. God bless you all and Gob bless America.
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