Johnny Quiñones
on August 3, 2021
Financial Criminals Elected to Congress , Senate and as President are currently leading our nation in to a fast economic collapse.
The DNC controlled Federal Congress working in collaboration with the Senate and Executive Office of the President are violating many of the laws intended to protect our nation and economy from collapsing.
recent bills being pushed thru are calling for over a $4,000,000,000,000 Trillion dollar imprinting of money which on top of the over $3 trillion already printed over the past year would ensure a permanent collapse of our currency and our nation.
At the current rate of inflation and devaluation of our currency value, it’s just a matter of time before other nations will refuse to accept the dollar as collateral and any one holding such dollars would know how little value they would hold when local stores and businesses refuse to accept payments in US $ bills. Your 401k and any the savings would become worthless overnight.
To cloud the facts the government run media will focus of in such important things as don’t forget your useless mask! Because once against
COVID is the go to distraction story of the day by the Fake Information Network once again. Ignoring the millions of infected undocumented pouring across the border, or the businesses asking for workers, those former employees who rather stay home collecting borrows tax money from the government, the same Trillions printed to implement the Socialist Communist Marxist agenda to transform our nation.
The most important question I have is?
Do you know Jesus Christ Lord of All ? Do you know that only He can bring peace of mind inspite of all Chaos on earth.
Seek him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength you will never be the same.
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