Heaven Davis loves to sing!  PERIOD.  She doesn’t distinguish between styles, be it Soul, Southern Rock, Jazz, Blues or Country.  “For me there are only two types of music” she says. “The kind of music I like and the kind that I don’t.  There’s not much of the latter.”

Through her early years Heaven performed in a number of Funk, R&B and Pop bands discovering she loved all types of music. It wasn’t until 1993 when she took the suggestion of a friend and answered an ad in a local rag for a blues vocalist.  That led to Heaven fronting Atlanta Blues Band ‘Blue Heaven’. Not having a lot of knowledge about the blues, she soaked up all she could find about the music.  “I didn’t think I knew a lot about the genre but I knew I loved the way it made me feel”, says Heaven.  It showed in her performance.  Very soon Blue Heaven was covering the local clubs and people were listening, really listening.  Offers started to come in to perform outside of Atlanta and the band started touring in the surrounding states.  

Heaven was invited to record a remake of ‘You Are My Sunshine” on a compilation CD for the Shag Dance scene.  The song shot to the top of the Shag charts and remained there for over 15 months.     

Heaven last release ‘Steamy’, a CD of Blues and Soul left no one guessing abut here talent.  ‘Steamy’ received critical acclaim from across the globe.  She was credited by Blues Review with the claim that “An Atlanta singer updates R&B for a new millennium”.  A single from that project ‘Regrets’ debuted on Billboards ‘Hot R&B/Hip Hop Sales Chart at #4.  ‘Destined to be a star’ one critic said.  That same year the CD made the final four of the Blues Foundations’  “Best Self Produced CD”.  

Still recording and singing Heaven says, “I’m doing me these days.  Who that actually is…well that’s still being defined”.   

Some say that she will be the blues voice of the future.  Her voice and style has been compared to many from Betty Wright to Etta James. When they see the rockier side come out it’s said “She’s a Rock Queen”. There’s a lot pinned up in that 5’3’ frame.  She’ll always surprise you with the unexpected.
A Heaven Davis performance live or on CD was best summed up by a critic who said;  ”If she [Davis] gigs near you anytime soon then steal, rob, lie & do whatever it takes in order to be there”.