Gerardo Bloise
on January 4, 2021
Hello everybody . This year GJ Forensics will start with forensics capsule for all members of CSI of the World .
Capsule 1 GJ Forensics 2021 -1
What is crime scene?
A crime scene is a location linked with the commission of a crime. This can include the site where a crime was committed, or a site where activities related to the crime took place, such as a dump site for a murder weapon or the home of a suspect. These places contain important physical evidence which must be collected to investigate the crime, usually by forensic investigators who specialize in the management of crime scenes.
Once a crime scene is identified, the key concern is securing it to prevent contamination. Sometimes, a site is identified immediately, as when someone is murdered on the street in front of a store, and investigators can promptly move in and secure the site. In other cases, months or even years may elapse before a site is recognized as the scene of a crime, which means that the evidence at the site may be damaged or destroyed, but securing the site is still critical to maintain as much integrity as possible.
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