Jorene Kay
on October 10, 2020
As Brandon Heath's "Give Me Your Eyes" played on the radio, I was taken back to a moment several years ago, where I had naively asked God to please give me a burden for the lost. You know the saying, be careful what you wish for? It also applies to intercession- Exercise wisdom in what you pray for. I had had such a spiritual hunger to see the world come to Christ that I did not stop to consider what that would look like in burden bearing.
I will never forget that night, standing hundreds of feet above a Pittsburgh stadium crowd, looking down at the sea of people strolling by, seeing not flesh and blood creations, but eternal bound souls. I felt our Father's Heart crying out to them to run into His Arms, the ache so strong in my spirit, somehow knowing that most present did not have a personal relationship with Him.
It became too much as family after family filed under the bleacher stands and I wondered, Do they know You? How about these ones-do they? It became too overwhelming, almost suffocating to shoulder this alone. "Okay, Lord", I whispered, "Take this. It's too much"
As the burden began to lift, I surrendered the entire place to Him, realizing this was not mine to carry, casting all my cares and worries at His feet, knowing He cared far greater than I.
I learned a valuable lesson that night. Sometimes God allows the wait to carry the weight of what we're asking for-preparation for the Call.
Today, intercession is not the heavy load it was then, when I was unprepared and young to the prophetic- but that took trust, perseverance and time honored sacrifice. If God has not yet opened the door into an arena that you desire, it may simply be delay, rather than denial. Follow His leading-He will never fail you. Where He guides, He always provides
-Jorene Kay
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