Jorene Kay
on October 9, 2020
Son, Evan's night visions:
He said he was in a dream, couldn't wake up. Went up from his bed. Said, “Hey, I'm flying!”
Saw the clouds and said, “I'm in Heaven!” He saw everyone, all of his family
He saw GOD- said “He is BIG! He was way up in the clouds; couldn't see His Face, our names were written on His shirt. On His shirt are written every single name in the world. One name I saw was Ashley- don't know who she is. He had a giant book. God let me read His book. There were names of people who didn't forgive each other yet. Then they did! I was like Whoa!, everything just disappeared out of that book!
You have to see God's Throne, Mom. He has a giant Throne- it's very big- not even the size of me”
He saw Jesus, dressed all in white. He had brown hair and blue eyes. His shoes were golden “really liked them”- His Hands had no holes, no nails from before. “He told me 'You are a child of God. My Father, God has many children all over the world”
Jesus couldn't talk to Shayla, cause she was on a flying horse. The horses and all the animals talk! It asked her if she wanted to go for a ride. So she kept asking Jesus, “Oh please, can I ride the horse?” and Jesus said, “Okay” - there were no seat belts, just a bridle, on the horse, so she kept falling off on a cloud, a bunch of times.
I was playing with the mermaids and the fishies. The mermaids were singing. Jesus put some grass down there by the stream so we could play. The flowers smelled so good- like lavendar, even though they weren't lavendar colored.
Our cats [who passed] were playing in the “real pretty” yellow flowers. They were talking to each other. 'Want to come with me in the fields?' - I said, “Have fun!” I smelled the flowers and wasn't allergic, Mom!
God's house has a magical door to get in, with some grass. Inside God's house had many, many, many, BIG rooms.
One room had a queen bed, it could fit 10 people plus 2 cats, there was lots of room, no body was squished. I was on there with my family and cats. Great grandpa (who recently passed) was not old at all. Grandma was playing with her cat. My grandpa wasn't with us on the bed- he was doing a job for Jesus.
One was a playroom. There was a giant empty box. Jesus came in and magically put toys in by waving His Hand-even Legos! My uncle and friend were playing with me. My other uncle was resting as normal
There was no tv- a lot of stuff you could do up there.
There is gold everywhere except the grass- it has a little gold, but yellow with it.
I saw pretty bright lights, saw the street, it was the color gold! There were no cars
My two Pastors (PD, PG) were by God's house in a church room, big as our sanctuary, about 100 chairs there for Sundays.
There is a really bouncy trampoline in Heaven. I jumped on it and was a dot in the sky. I came back down, not even hurt. I could fall and be okay. There are fluffy clouds to land on"
At the entrance of Heaven, Evan saw a door “literally” open. The devil walked in from the north side, Evan could see the flames of hell behind him. Devil said “Helloooo, I'm back”, like a greeting. Evan crossed his arms, shaking his head No (said the devil looked the same, from when he came in his room, last September)
The devil resisted the angels command to leave, so the angel said, “In the Name of Jesus, shut the door behind you. Your demons thought you were crazy”, referring to demons standing on both sides of the door like Imperial Guards from Star Wars, looking at each other because they didn't dare not listen, because he would 'fire' them.
The devil shut the door that was behind him, staying in the north side of heaven, then started complaining about the people of God fighting with each other. He said- “Why don't you just get rid of them all?” Then God said, “Go away in the Name of Jesus”
Devil said, “Fine, but don't think You're through with me”
The angel said, “God, in the Name of the Spirit, will you lock the door of hell?” God did and Satan couldn't get back to earth.
Evan asked his guardian angel if his name was in The Book of Life. The angel looked and said, “That is precise” - Then Evan said, “Bye, I'm gonna go see Jesus”, ran into Heaven, very happy he didn't see satan anymore.
When Evan found Jesus, he fell to his knees. “Saw Him with my own two eyes!”
Then Jesus said, “Arise and get up.” Evan said, he was thinking, Are you crazy? I'm in Your Presence!” Got up and spoke with Jesus. He said, “Well done, my good servant for spreading My Name”
Jesus looked like He'd seen Him before; blue eyes, blonde hair, white robe, very good looking. He had nail marks that were red, but not bleeding-completely healed.
There were a lot of Christians in Heaven. Everyone was in white; symbolizes the dove. They were recognized by their faces. Even the Holy mermaids were white; half fish, half human- the boys with blue tails, the girls with pink tails. They didn't like to be seen much. Great Grandpa [who passed last year] and Mommy were watching them swim.
As Evan looked over, he saw food on Jesus' Heavenly Table. At first there were a couple fruits, vegetables and meat, then there were thousands. A never ending supply of food.
He looked over and saw his friends playing hide 'n seek and they hugged him.
Jesus called his name without seeing him. Evan was surprised. Jesus said, “I recognized You in the Spirit”
Jesus knows us by name.
Evan asked about the multiplied food. Jesus said, “To Me, this is not a day, this is eternity” [Evan said to Me (Mommy) 'Whatever that means', which I explained]. He said to Evan that Heaven is beyond time, beyond space.
There was heavenly water that you could drink all you want- the rain went up instead of down, like it does on earth and refilled the bottles in their hands. They didn't have to recycle he was told-it always fills up.
There was so much room in Heaven. You can run without being tired. He said it took him 5 hours to run around all of Heaven. He did not fall or bump into anything, but landed on fluffy clouds. He said you cannot fall into the atmosphere or Heaven's ground- no way to get hurt.
He asked Jesus how big Heaven was. Jesus said it was difficult to explain to him, bigger than any unit of measure, like a hurricane up close, not far away.
The doors in heaven open to other places, but they didn't have doorknobs, but were walls. Jesus told him that “Heavenly bodies like yours can walk thru walls”. Their bodies looked like the Holy Ghost Himself. No diseases, could see clearly.
The House of God was very bright, but it didn't blind their eyes. They didn't even have to squint!
There are three levels in Heaven.
-The first layer is where you hang out and relax and God teaches you. There's a big tv with God stuff on it and games for kids- no bad stuff. It's called The Heavenly Room.
-The second layer is where the church is. They call it The Holy Room [Evan was very specific that I capitalize the names of the Rooms]
-The third layer is called the Place of Rest, just like God rested on the 7th Day. You don't sleep in heaven, but you can take naps. Grandpa does it often up there[Haha Terry Bickel] There were 3 big beds that could fit 10 people on each of them, so there were 30 people in there, resting.
There are no elevators, our heavenly bodies float up and fly to each level.
There are no shoes in Heaven. Just like Moses, Heaven is basically standing on Holy Ground all the time.
He saw throne chairs outside, in heaven- gold, big, with their names on them. He said they weren't hard, but indestructible.
Nonstop music/sounds in Heaven- angels singing. Evan tried to find the speaker but there was nothing there.
He saw animals- a horse which Shayla ran up to, hands out to hug it.
The dinosaurs were T-Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptors. There was an eagle and our two cats that passed- Truffles and Riley-- they were all eating plants- herbivores.
Evan said his favorite part of being in Heaven was meeting Jesus
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