Jorene Kay
on September 16, 2020
I felt this on the Heart of God, tonight.
If Jesus were to visit our homes; the Unexpected Visitor, would we scramble around, tidying up the place, tucking things into hidden places, masking evidence, quickly running the endless streams of words that day thru our memory to see if they had come up short on His grace and holiness?
The Holy Spirit is always present- He knows all and sees all. Is it time to clean house? ?
What movies, substances, language, behaviors have we adopted to stem our fear, confusion, boredom, anxiety?
If it's not a part of God, let's take it out to the trash.
We are new creations- the old has gone, the new has come #Ephesians429 #2Corinthians617 #1Peter116
-Jorene Kay
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