Jorene Kay
on September 16, 2020
I have felt this message of spiritual/physical health on my heart for a few weeks, but it's become increasingly evident that it is time to be released.
The Holy Spirit shared something with me that is so very important when we receive news, doctor reports or a diagnosis that contradicts His Word.
It is always God's will to heal (may be instant, a process or healed in Heaven) but WE tie His Hands when we come into agreement, with what He didn't send. All throughout Scripture, Jesus went and healed-His primary mission that brought Glory to His Father. He even went as far as to assure a leprous man who said, "If it be Your will", and correct a father who said, "If You can"
He went a step further and commissioned US to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons, in His absence. We are to take up His mantle, so to speak, and carry on His work.
If we are agreeing with, for example a headache, it becomes "our" headache, a part of our identity. We are not to identify with anything other than Jesus. The doctor may say you have something, will have something or could potentially get something; can I caution you with words from your Father, not to give fuel to fear? Fear is a liar and perfect Love casts out ALL fear. Feast on the medicine of His Word. Truth wins.
While I'm on the subject, this manufactured China virus meant to instill panic and fear; this is not the time to fall for hysteria and panic, but to rest in the perfect Peace of Christ. Plead the Blood of Jesus over your home, declare Psalm 91 over your family and let the angels do their thing.
If God didn't send it, do not receive it! Believers...believe-do we? #returntosender #Isaiah5305 #Matthew0802 #Mark923 #Matthew1008 #John1412 #1John418 #Psalm9107 #John1010 #Luke1019 #byyourfaith
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