Jorene Kay
on September 16, 2020
I never quite understood the Scriptural warning of, "The love of money is the root of all evil" [1 Timothy 6:10] until now.
We need money to live, thrive and support our families, but when does it transition from necessary to coveting?
Think with me a moment:
The family structure and foundation crumbles due to gambling, addiction, nightclubs, pornography-MONEY
Medical industries upcharge prescriptions, patient visits, hospital bills, bringing undue suffering as invoices slip by, unable to be paid-MONEY
Children kidnapped, forced into prostitution, tortue, trafficking-families ripped apart, bearing silent scars and deep, gaping wounds-MONEY
Babies safe within the womb, torn apart to harvest their organs and pad the medical pocket, infants birthed to then be snuffed out for profit-MONEY
Politicians, elite actors and religious leaders creating a facade from their platforms, harvesting entertainment funds to further their lifestyle-MONEY
So, what do we do? We pray. We ask God to raise up righteous leadership, to bring swift justice to corruption, to pull down strongholds and Supernaturally rewire brains to reflect the Mind of Christ, to anoint and appoint governmental offices, to purify the Bride of Christ, to protect and preserve our most innocent-our children, the next generation.
We put God first in our financial budgeting, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead our steps, to expand our hearts in compassion and mercy to the needy, multiplying sacrificial offerings for Kingdom purpose.
We surrender all that we caretake, acknowledging Him as sole Owner. Every blessing we hold, first began in the Father's heart-thank Him, seek Him, follow Him
-Jorene Kay
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