Jorene Kay
on September 16, 2020
Ladies in waiting,
This letter is for you. You have been faithful in the little, get ready to receive an overabundance of much- more than your mind can take in, or your arms can hold.
You have been in the process, in preparation to receive your promise. The Lord has seen every tear, has felt your outstretched hand in the dark, searching for His in trust, choosing to believe in the face of unbelief.
God made the first man, then issued forth a declaration, "It is not good for man to be alone"
Your desire to be married, to be someone's helper, encourager, cheerleader and confidante is put there by the Creator Himself-our guys need us, God said so Himself! Trust your Holy Spirit Matchmaker-Heaven is on it! Your story was written before you were born. You have a purpose in His plan, a destiny He is leading you to, a journey He is charting.
In the wait, He has molded you, gentled and assigned you-for a future just up ahead. You have emerged from the storms, struggled thru the flood, were refined in the fires, and pressed into pleasing, fragrant oil.
When your husband arrives, you will recognize the call on his life-your prophetic pairing. You will eagerly step into Kingdom assignment without fear, hesitation or doubt-you prayed for this.
When life throws unexpected darts at your marriage, you will know what to do; He trained your fingers for war-your husband is not your enemy. You will know where to take the fight to.
You will not get caught up in petty arguments, you will pick your battles.
You will not put down your husband, but lift him up and point him to Christ.
You will not feign headaches to push him away, but gather him with loving arms.
You will not turn away in silent treatment, but keep communication channels open.
You will not control his individuality, but honor his unique, God given personality.
You will not lead the home, but trust and respect his decisions.
Your eyes will never stray; he is a gift from God and you answer to Him alone.
You have been prepared...for such a time as this.
Trials and tests develop your testimony. Every mess you have walked through, has become His message. Beauty has risen from the ashes.
You will be a destiny wife
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