Jorene Kay
on September 16, 2020
I have been so disheartened over the mockery of Jesus on social media comments; die hard atheists, hard hearted 'Christians', the lost and the dying, all assured by their own understanding of a home in Heaven, no matter their soul's decisions here on earth.
It only increases my prayer life, as this is not the case.
Many, at the Day of Judgement will inform God of all their good deeds, how they prophesied in His Name, fed and clothed the hungry and even led souls to Christ, but their religion lacked Relationship as His child and He will sadly turn away, "I never knew you"
How tragic this will be. Our Creator, Who formed us in the womb, laid out a life plan and destiny will have to denounce His creation.
Anyone who walks this earth, recognizes that there is something more than persistent pain, constant struggle, endless warfare. But to have a hope of Heaven, we must first choose the King of Heaven as Lord over every decision, plan and purpose of our heart
-Jorene Kay
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