Jorene Kay
on September 16, 2020
Sermon in Spaghetti O's
When the kids had finished eating supper and I was in the middle of kitchen cleanup, I came across a spot of sauce from their meal on the pot holder they'd been using.
Part of me thought about tossing it in the washer to do later, but I decided to run it under cold water-came out instantly, good as new.
I thought back to times in the past where I had come across a stain that I wasn't informed on, and no matter how much stain remover I used, it was nearly impossible to get rid of the mark-it had set in too long.
I felt the Holy Spirit speaking, that this is like sin in our lives.
When it is immediately confessed and washed white as snow, it is not only clean and new again, but it's hardly a thought on our mind; it's dirty and needs cleaned. We don't procrastinate or reason how it go there, we just want it gone.
But if we forego the cleaning and forget about the stain, in time it soaks deeper into the fabric, bleeding into other areas, previously untouched.
When we finally decide to do something about it, it's now a complicated process. The stain has spread out and a simple rinse will no longer be effective.
It requires effort and focused attention. You have to put work in now, versus a quick step of cleansing.
When God brings something to our attention, let us be quick to address the problem and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
Don't let the ick, stick
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