Tri Com
on April 12, 2021
Listen to the second hour (1:00:00 marker) of this podcast. The lady is 💯% ACCURATE in everything she says!! (Link below)
Also explains who so many of the younger people are sheep amd just ignorant!! They have been amd are training kids, NOT educating them!!
I had tears in my eyes listening to it. I cannot imagine what children are enduring and believing they are being educated, while parents have been blindsided. We have to say, NO” and NOT allow them to make anymore of children’s education decisions!! Thats when it will stop, when we refuse to allow it!! We have to take control of our CHILDREN’S education and FUTURES!!!!!!!
They lose sound for a minute with her but they get her back, so don’t shut it down. Listen to the full interview. 🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏
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