Victory World Fellowship
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Help us spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world. Let's spread the good news and the love with others... We should encourage each other for spiritual growth.
Debbie Ann Summerlin
Centarsko Market
Peace Thrives Here
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Welcome friends! Let me tell you a little about Peace Thrives Here. I'm simply trying to project light into our world. I have faith within me to believe we can change the world. This is a place to come to for encouragement and uplifting messages/photos. You don't have to fit in a box, you're free to be Christ loving in whatever religious denomination you have chosen. We have a like goal; to know and be close to God. We are lighthearted & we will only put positive energy into the world. I have always had deep compassion for all of mankind. It's been downright debilitating at times, but I choose Love. God made us, we were all children at one time, born pure of heart. When people go wrong in their actions, it's usually because of the environment in which they are/were raised. They are conditioned by parents and others who suffered the same fate. The negativity all stems down from tainted hearts. I can't believe any child can come into the world tainted. God loves us all. That is why I pray for those who are good and those who have lost their way.  This page will include a 'little of a lot'. 😊 But it's #1 purpose is to bring light into your day. If you're not religious, it's OK, but know, I will praise my God. I ask that you respect that. If you can't, please do not follow/like my page, it's OK. Never forget, you are a force in this world and regardless of your religion, your ethnicity or your gender, there is someone who loves you and prays for you. You deserve peace. You deserve happiness. You deserve love. Look within yourself and open that beacon of light and let it shine! You and I, regardless of our differences, can help heal an ailing world. We all have that power within us!  Do you need a place to give you a smile, words of encouragement or just a spark of positivity while you sip your coffee and prepare for your day? Pull up a chair... The hearts warm.  Much love - Dee
D A Worsham
Alicia Watkins
Pilgrim Light Farm
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This Page is to Promote Best Practices of Horticulture and to Encourage EVERYONE to your own FOOD! I am a Master Gardener in Texas and we grow Phytonutrient Fruits and Vegetables. I am a Compost Specialist and Bee Keeper. I do teach classes and FREE Training videos are on the way!