Our PaperDue.com review of the site also determined that there are non-academic products available for order as well – admissions and personal statement essays, resumes and CV’s, and a category of “other,” which we were able to determine refers to copywriting services for web-based businesses.


In terms of features, customers have options of deadline requirements from three hours to 14 days and to choose a US or a UK writer, based upon their background and institution. The company also provides sample essay writings so that customers can review the quality of writing that is produced.



PaperDueNow prices begin at $9.97page for a basic undergraduate essay and graduate steadily to a peak of $56/page for Ph.D. essay products. Admissions essay are very pricey, going up to $197/page with a short deadline. Test-taking is expensive too with a minimum cost of $1 per question with a 14-day deadline. Paperduenow.com discounts can be obtained through a variety of methods. Customers may “like” and “follow” n Facebook and Twitter and receive small discounts; 10% of every order price will placed in an account to be used to offset future order costs; and there is a Paper Due Now coupon code for orders that reach $500 or $1000, of 5 – 10% respectively.


We did not find any PaperDue.com reviews and promo codes for new customers.


Overall, the program of discounts is comparable to those of other writing services.



The site does have written policies that protect customer identity, and that is a good thing.


Payment methods include all major debit/credit cards, and protection of customer financial information is in place through the use of a third-party SSL-certified processor. We were quite comfortable making payment through the company’s system.

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Thanks to the author's very comprehensive description, I was able to completely fix my dilemma after reading this post. I posted my review on the top resume writing services, which you may read. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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