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The Patriot Brotherhood

News Gazette Briefs-35 

The People's Revolution


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. 


That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness. ― Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence. 



A Patriot Gathering - Who wants one and who is willing to help make it happen?


Should someone decide to create such a gathering who would be willing to help spread the word? Such a gathering would have to be no sooner than a year away so word of such a gathering could be sent out. It would need to be a 3 or 4-day event so the Patriots could bond with one another. Such a gathering should be held on private land and large enough to house the people (a campout). You would need people to help run the event to make sure all was done safely and to make sure that once the event was over the land was returned as it was found...clean-up. The event to be useful would need some sponsoring and speakers of some sort. Any ideas on any of this?


INVESTIGATION: How did Biden get a ghost gun to the White House? [Update from ATF] - President Biden showed off a ghost gun kit at the White House on April 11 for his new regulations for these pieces of metal. Ghost guns are illegal to possess in the District of Columbia. While the White House is federal property, how did the kit get into the president's hands? The long and short of the matter is Biden believes himself above the law. 


SITUATION UPDATE-It’s Going To Be Biblical - Barack Obama Admits Billions of People Were Guinea Pigs For Covid Vaccine, Claims People are Dying Because of Misinformation. RRN is serious BS. So are these videos. Weak ass Hopium. It’s a powerful drug for the gullible.


Los Angeles County Ignores Court Order, Forcing Masks on Public Transit - the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has made it clear that it is not giving up, giving Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) the green light to appeal the ruling, which ended forced masking. 


Tulsi Gabbard Sends Cease & Desist Letter to Mitt Romney for 'Treasonous' Smear - a cease and desist letter sent to the Republican Senator from Utah — as well as one to former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann — for their disparaging claims that Gabbard was "treasonous" and a "Russian asset. 


GESARA vs RESET Trump vs Piers Disney Canceled! Nahum - We don’t all have to agree on everything that is reported but everyone should listen with an open mind. We can call out the truth that we don’t believe is true but we can do it without the personal assassinations. Instead, prove it with facts. Don’t just say someone is a liar. Give facts otherwise, it’s just a personal attack without substance.


Disney executives are in crisis mode after what just happened in Florida - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes is right – no matter the political opponents it creates. They will also be considering termination of all special districts that were enacted in Florida prior to 1968, and that includes the Reedy Creek Improvement District, Change is coming. 


Joe Biden is doubling down on one insane policy that was blocked by a Trump-appointed judge - The things Joe is worried about he isn’t and the things that never made sense he is pushing hard! Sleepy Joe Biden apparently wants to see how low his approval ratings can go. That’s the only explanation for why his administration is jumping on grenades.


Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren is begging Democrats to do one thing that would immediately backfire - Warren wrote in a New York Times op-ed, “Democrats win elections when we show we understand the painful economic realities facing American families and convince voters we will deliver meaningful change. To put it bluntly: if we fail to use the months remaining before the elections to deliver on more of our agenda, Democrats are headed toward big losses in the midterms.


Mystery fences spring up blocking Shanghai streets overnight amid ongoing lockdown - Mysterious fences have begun appearing overnight blocking city thoroughfares in Shanghai amid a grueling COVID-19 lockdown affecting some 26 million people,


Judge orders feds to show why refugee accused of killing Iraqi cop can’t be released - A federal judge in San Francisco on Tuesday ordered government immigration officials to hold a bond hearing within 30 days to determine whether Iraqi refugee Omar Ameen can be released back to his family in Sacramento pending deportation proceedings.


X22 Report: The Patriots Are Now Controlling The Economic Narrative, Down She Goes - If we truly have control then let's bring about changes. All Assets Deployed, How Is Evidence Legally Introduced, We Have It All - you know I've listened to quite a few of your videos and I've always had a lot of respect for your work but I must say my respect for you is an individual has just shot up a thousand percent when I heard you refer to that dumbass as the resident, not the president of the United States. Q Drop Explain: White Hat Warns Of Future Event 04/21/22 - How many of you did I lose when I said Q? Your lost. 


Emails Suggest The Federal Government Colluded With U-Pitt To Cover Up Experiments On Babies - I was once in the medical field but that was when people cared and hospitals were run by human beings. We raised four children and never did we have to worry about some sicko experimenting on our child or any child. NIH is colluding with [Pitt] and the abortion industrial complex to cover up the criminal trafficking and harvesting of aborted fetuses.


Hillary Clinton Urges Court to Toss Trump’s Lawsuit Over Russian Collusion Claims - Former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on April 20 argued that a lawsuit was filed against her and some 30 others by her former rival, ex-President Donald Trump, should be dismissed. Dream on Killary. 


F**k Around And Find Out - The Left rushes to Disney’s defense as Florida targets the massive corporation’s tax breaks; the CDC seeks to reinstate federal travel mask mandates with a legal appeal; and the Biden administration tries to split the baby on drilling. 


Shameless Marxist Propaganda - When it comes to hating America, the kings of the Left-wing Media reside at MSNBC. Need proof? Mark brings the goods as Ali Velshi spews his Marxist propaganda while smearing America and Israel. Obama is in bed with these terrorists. right alongside Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice.


Global Water Wars On The Rise - The Daily Mojo - "Global Water Wars Are On The Rise" Well, if what Dr Ardis has brought to light is true, then it makes perfect sense that "they" would not want nicotine to be available. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko said anyone that willfully vilified and obstructed access to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 is guilty of first-degree capital murder, genocide, and crimes against humanity.


Roger Stone Warned Trump About Ron DeSantis - Political operative Roger Stone is among the Trump supporters who want every other possible Republican presidential candidate to pledge not to run in 2024 should former President Donald Trump decide to jump into the race. Earlier this year, in a mass email to Trump supporters, Stone attacked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his refusal to pledge not to run if Trump enters the race.


Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Dissolving Disney’s Special District - From the "League of Extraordinary Governor" here is what; Leadership really looks like!!! Kicking ass, taking names. Our country is not about toppling every big Corp. It's about freedom in all of its forms. Freedom of privacy, economic freedom, freedom of movement, and all the freedoms listed in the Constitution.


Fauci Above the Law: Dr. Death Sets Up Defense Against Being Prosecuted [VIDEOS] - Fauci Above the Law: Dr. Death Sets Up Defense Against Being Prosecuted


Food Shortages Becoming a Reality? Tucker on Crazy Disasters Plaguing Factories - Hmmm, multiple catastrophes and "accidents ", millions of chickens dying of a "mysterious " Sars virus? Sounds like the Communist Democratic Party is at work trying to sow chaos and discord in society? Um, this is being done on purpose.


Teacher Exposed for Teaching LGBT Topics During Instructional Time - Fire her and take her right away to teach. 


Vancouver Commuters Drag Climate Change Activists Out of The Street - this is crazy! They arrested the truckers but allow jerks to sit in the middle of the street. Slow roll. Let’s see how committed they are to their fake cause. I bet they get out of the way when the cars slowly nudge them.


Trucker Reveals His Top Survival Preparedness Tips For You & Your Family - I suggest that everyone get themselves ready for anything they throw at you. 


Somali man accused of threatening to kill Biden, Trump - District of Pennsylvania reported that a Cumberland County man has been indicted for allegedly threatening President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Mohamed Farah, 32, was indicted by a federal grand jury. The indictment alleges that Farah, who is a citizen of Somalia, in January threatened to assassinate Biden, as well as threatened to assassinate Trump if he runs for re-election.


UN says growing evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine - The United Nations says that Russian actions in Ukraine, which have included summary executions of civilians, may amount to war crimes.


The Triggers Are Real: Veterans Face Lifetime Scars From Battle, But There is Hope! - This week on the Richard Leonard Show, we address the triggers that veterans face in regular life, after service in wars around the world that most don't feel made a positive difference for humanity.


Legitimate Ruler? Windsor or Trump? Judah Queen Scota - Allow your guest to speak. she had much to add, and I do appreciate her!! However...? I do wish that she would let him tell her what he knows, as he is the guest. She takes away his thunder. Intellectually, she shares; but socially, she doesn't give him a chance.


Digital Identity Decimates Privacy and Turns Freedoms into Privileges: EU Digital Identity Wallet - "This is what governments and big corporations will do: they will ask for more information than they are currently allowed to. This hollows out our privacy and makes citizens powerless against the government and big corporations."


Matt Walsh Leaves Trans Activists Speechless With Undeniable Facts - “I could sit here and say I feel like I’m a tomato plant, but it doesn’t actually mean that I am those things…What you want to do is appropriate womanhood and turn it into a costume that can be worn.”


Biden Crime Family In More Hot Water, Joe's Brother James Subpoena Leads Straight To The White House - When will they be held accountable for their actions?


One World Government: The WHO Pandemic Treaty Spells the End for Democracy - NWO, One World Government. Only 2/3 of nations need to agree to ram through this treaty while placing sanctions on dissenting countries. The WHO Constitution would also supersede national constitutions.


Joe Biden Absolutely Complicit In The Sex Trade, He's The Human Trafficker In Chief - Donald Trump was very good for the USA and any fool saying differently is just an evil ignorant fool. Look at the state of things in such a short time. That is what happens when you join forces with the worst country being China.


Durham Isn't Granting Anyone Immunity... Podesta, Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS and the Clinton Campaign - The old saying that ‘Shit is about to hit the fan’ works so well in this case.


SITUATION UPDATE, 4/25/22 - 5G ACTIVATION OF VACCINE "CHIMERIC" PAYLOAD. - Possible unleashed bio-apocalypse


OATH KEEPERS STEWART RHODES ON CHAZ AND DEFENDING AMERICA AGAINST A MARXIST INSURRECTION - One of the biggest weapons being used in this war is anger psyops. Maybe the people telling Trump what to do wants us to be so pissed at Trump for “ doing nothing” Some are saying that the NWO has already won…bullshit people! They only win if we do nothing.


  Obama Is Back, And Trouble Is Following - It is safe to say that Obama is to truth what Epstein is to Sainthood. Obama giving Iran, the biggest state sponsor of terrorism a path to nuclear weapons was Vibrant & Diverse, The Senile, Alzheimer's, Dementia Ridden, Cognitive Failure, Poopy Pants Biden, is the Worst and Obama is pulling their strings. COVID Is Their “Great Reset” - The 2000 Mules documentary will VOID at least five 2020 state certifications and will INVALIDATE / DESTROY the Commie-Democrats narrative that the 2020 election was fair! The great reset had been planned for before covid. But they invented covid to implement it. Are The Democrats Trying To Interfere In Another Election? - The answer is Yes! After "fact checkers" covered for him, confused Biden botches exit AGAIN - The leader of the free world could end up with his picture on a milk carton. We can only hope. the fence around the White House serves a different purpose is not there to keep people out is to keep him in…like a playground. Biden Greeted With "Let's Go Brandon" Chants Near Seattle - More protesters always show up to protest Biden than the number of attendees he drew to his rallies on the campaign trail. Real reporter breaks bombshell Hunter Biden news, anchors sit stunned - So are people so dumb that they believe in the honesty of those MSM journalist. To me, if they tell the truth, it's all just calculated. The best liar doesn't tell lies 100% of the time, although MSM is close to 100 percent. Dr. Fauci Whines About Court Striking Down Mask Mandate - Admit it you’re busted! 


Red Voice Media: Fraudulent Studies And Arson: Bill Gates & Company Did Everything Possible To Kill Early Treatment - With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading for over two years, numerous governments around the world continue to institute outlandish measures, hoping to defeat the coronavirus. A virus proven for the most part to be fake. Speaking with Creative Destruction Media, RFK Jr., as can be seen in the video (Fraudulent Studies and Arson: Bill Gates & Company Did Everything Possible to Kill Early Treatment ) , detailed how both Dr. Anthony Fauci and billionaire Bill Gates knew about these alternative treatments but did not want the people to know about them. Secret Service Makes Stunning Claim About Biden’s Visitors At His Delaware Home, ‘It’s A Shell Game’ - The fact that it can be kept clandestine in general is worrisome. In an alarming report, it was revealed that the U.S. Secret Service does not maintain a record of who Joe Biden meets with at his residences located in Delaware, seemingly regardless of whether these meetings are of an official nature or not. ‘Classic Obama, Smooth As Silk & Full Of Sh*t’ – Challenged To $1M COVID Misinformation Debate - the Democrats have called in former President and Democrat heavyweight Barack Obama (AKA - The Puppet Master) to help them push their COVID-19 agenda. The cameras are rolling as the room flung to Obama, leaving President Biden to just stare blankly, wondering what to do next. Sean Hannity Eviscerates Obama For Claiming He Wants To Fight ‘Disinformation’ - Obama, the biggest buffoon of them all is a major player in the media's misinformation. Leaked Audio Reveals House Minority Leader McCarthy Wanted Twitter To Ban Fellow Republicans After Trump - The double-dealing McCarthy is attempting to play both sides of psycho street while talking out both sides of his mouth. While Rep. McCarthy seemingly talks a good game about ending online censorship, leaked audio from January 10th, 2021, a phone call revealed he was hoping Twitter would ban some of his fellow Republican House members in the wake of the incident at the Capitol. Former Oregon Health Authority Employee Charged In COVID Relief Fund Embezzlement Scheme -  A former employee of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) (One of many) is facing multiple charges relating to an alleged plot that saw almost $1.5 million in COVID relief funds unlawfully funneled to non-existent entities.


  MARJORIE FOR POPE - Bringing the hammer. The political world and the religious/spiritual world have become almost indistinguishable from one another, which is not really that surprising when you consider the stakes. However, when unscrupulous people in politics or religion use this overlap for their own gain or the advancement of a bad agenda, much can go wrong. Bishop turns a blind eye to crimes - Jay McNally, Catholic investigative journalist: "Bishop Bushu has been outspoken that this was indeed a case of multiple rapes and by the priest, and he suspended him and started the cause of laicization." EMAILS SHOW COLLUSION BETWEEN NH PRIEST AND MEDIA - Emails reveal a New Hampshire priest and local media colluded to wage a public media campaign against a traditional Catholic community, possibly violating ethical norms in the process. Maundy Thursday service defies liturgical rules and scriptural teaching - An Indian priest has conducted an interfaith service of foot washing on Maundy Thursday in defiance of liturgical rules and biblical teaching, causing scandal to faithful Catholics in the archdiocese of Bombay. The Mark Of The Beast - New technology recalling biblical warning. Nevada in the spotlight - With the U.S. Senate hanging in the balance at 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, every seat open this November is a big deal. One currently occupied by a Democrat — that might be flipped — is in Nevada. 


Russian general reveals plan to invade Moldova next - Nearly two months after Russia invaded Ukraine, a Russian general described Russia’s next phase of military operations as what may be an invasion of Moldova. US gov’t report lists ‘unaccounted-for pregnancy’ after UFO encounter - A year ago we were warned that a possible red flag would appear dealing with UFOs. At that time they weren’t sure if the deep state/cabal would stoop so low as to blame the many different bizarre medical conditions resulting from the vaccine on little men from Outerspace. However, The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) declassified a March 2010 report that has done just that. US Navy investigating vandalism of nuclear submarine - The U.S. Navy is investigating what they believe is an intentional act of vandalism that damaged equipment within the Virginian-class submarine USS Texas (SSN-775) in the last month. A lot is being reported of mishaps in, on, or near the water. Stand ready Patriots. Israeli central bank adds Chinese Yuan for first time ever, cuts back on US Dollar - Israeli banking decision on Wednesday, describing it as the biggest change to its balance of reserve currencies in over a decade. While the Bank of Israel previously only held Dollars, Euros, and Pounds, it will now take on Yuan as well as Japanese Yen, and Australian and Canadian Dollars. Russia sanctions VP Harris, Mark Zuckerberg, 27 other Americans - The Russian government announced a new series of sanctions on Thursday targeting 29 U.S. individuals, including Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby. The Russian foreign ministry also named Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine on its sanctions list. This speaks great volume, Putin has placed sanctions on people of the deep state/the swamp. Ukraine is controlled by the Cabal/the swamp and that is why they were attacked to start with. So which side of the street does Putin actually walk, the side of evil or the side of good? Biden targeting Putin’s daughters – here’s what we know - It would appear that the Biden administration is making this a personal matter and the American people are the ones who will suffer. WI Nat’l Guard is removing soldier who pleaded guilty over Jan. 6 Capitol breach - The Wisconsin National Guard is removing a guardsman who pleaded guilty to trespassing while demonstrating at the Capitol on Jan. 6 last year. Keep your eyes on this one. Things are not what they seem. Verdict announced in first ever Air Force general court-martial 


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