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by on April 18, 2022

The Patriot Brotherhood

News Gazette Briefs-33 

The People's Revolution


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. 


That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness. ― Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence. 



A Patriot Gathering - Who wants one and who is willing to help make it happen?


Should someone decide to create such a gathering who would be willing to help spread the word? Such a gathering would have to be no sooner than a year away so word of such a gathering could be sent out. It would need to be a 3 or 4-day event so the Patriots could bond with one another. Such a gathering should be held on private land and large enough to house the people (a campout). You would need people to help run the event to make sure all was done safely and to make sure that once the event was over the land was returned as it was found...clean-up. The event to be useful would need some sponsoring and speakers of some sort. Any ideas on any of this?


How Many More Violent Attacks By Black Supremacists Before We’re Allowed To Notice? - The New York subway shooter trafficked in black nationalism; the CDC announces that mask mandates will be extended on planes while the White House announces that Title 42 will be ended for illegal immigrants.


Poison Tap Water - Today's video is full of important information. Pastor Stan shares how our water could already be poisoned, and if the Suitcase Nuke is going to go off in New York on Monday.




Moles In The Media - Sam talks with Ken Silva, National Security Reporter, to talk about a scathing internal FBI audit—which found special agents breaking their own rules.


Tony Dungy Is Right: Troubled Kids Don’t Just Need Better Schools — They Need Fathers - The children we are attempting to educate are an extension of their original educational environment: their families.


Jackie Robinson’s Great Personal Sacrifice Made America A Better Nation - During World War II, he was accepted into Officer Candidate School and commissioned as a second lieutenant. But breaking baseball’s color line required a skill far beyond physical dexterity—one Robinson did not know whether he could muster. He admitted that “all my life I had believed in payback, retaliation.” He walked among the great ones. 


Kids Struggling With Gender Identity Need Their Parents More, Not Less - Florida’s new law, the Parental Rights in Education act, prohibits sex education in the early grades and requires teachers to inform parents about students’ mental health. All the debate and fanfare over its passage still seems to end with both sides mostly talking past one another.


Under this new state law, more Coloradans are barred from possessing guns - The enactment of this law, HB22-1257, is the latest chapter in a multi-year legislative process to determine which people with previous felony convictions should face state prosecution for gun possession, and which can legally possess firearms. 


German Emergency Services Demand Suspension of Covid "Vaccine" Mandates - It's extremely challenging to get accurate medical data in the United States, especially as it pertains to emergency services. The various databases and tracking services have been conspicuously late in reporting ever since Covid-19 hit the world. A conspiracy-minded person might come to the conclusion that our government is trying to hide something from us. You were all warned but you would not listen.


Governor DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Abortion in Florida After 15 Weeks - At 15 weeks you are nearly halfway. The baby by 15 weeks has started to shape and stopping this is murder. Rather the woman is raped or went to a party and for whatever reason could keep her legs closed, or perhaps some jerk has told a young lady he loved her and wanted to give her the world just to get into her pants…there is something called the ‘Day After Pill’ take it then and don’t murder a child at 15 weeks. 


Lawless Government: The HHS Illegally Redefined 'Vaccine' to Provide Legal Immunity for COVID Shots - Why are people still listening to what these jerks have to say? How many more have to die before they are removed?


Gene Therapy Loaded Into the Flu Shot: The COVID Jab Is Just the Beginning - Attorney Thomas Renz: "So the big money is not in the COVID jab; the big money is in the mRNA... If you follow, that's where the investment money is, and if you look, what you'll see is [that] they've already decided that they're going to include gene therapy in the flu vaccines coming up.


Lara Logan Gets Emotional Exposing The Dark Underbelly Of Child Sex Trafficking - Del Bigtree - Adults must Protect the Children for they are not able to defend themselves from these Vile People who would Prey Upon them. If you really want to piss me off, harm a child, our elderly, our Vets, or someone disabled.


George Floyd: New Video Surfaces, Never-Before-Seen George Floyd Arrest Footage (Premium Preview) 


The Ardis Bombshell and Review of the World Premier of Watch the Water - On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane gets together with Dr. Bryan Ardis, the center figure in Stew Peters’ production of “Watch the Water” the stunning documentary exposes the pharmaceutical industry’s criminal enterprise of using deadly snake venom in our environment and in their products disguised as “treatments”. There is a reason to watch the water - our waste treatment plants are inundated with hormones, think trans, birth control, plus antidepressants, anti-anxiety, the gamut of pharmaceutical excretions.


School Crucifies Christ, God Wins: Anti-Christian Principal Takes Loss After Denying the Cross 


Make Water Safe Again: Master Prepper Weighs in on Water Purification - Water contamination has made tap water dangerous to drink, and filtration systems are failing to keep people safe.


Australia's Smart Cities REVEALED - A Roadmap For The Whole World - ‘Smart Cities’ look it up.


Twitter Employee Undergoes Therapy Over Elon Musk Takeover - Trish to Twitter: "Take the Deal!" - Elon Musk has made an incredible $43 billion dollar offer for Twitter. $54.20 a share. Once he takes Twitter, I would love to see him take Facebook.


Durham-Sussmann Court Date Set May 16th - All is coming to light. No one can stop what is about to happen. 


Newt Gingrich: Biden, Dems Living in Cocoon, Have No Idea We’re Headed for Disaster - The Democrat Party knows that their days are numbered and they are scared.


Violent Hate Crimes Are Being Encouraged By Joe Biden & Legacy Media? - Tucker Makes The Case - This ill-written story needs closure so the American people can move on with their lives.


The Flu Shot Made Obsolete: Dr. Z's Recommendations for COVID, Flu, and Single-Stranded RNA Viruses - Protect yourselves from blood clots. And stay away from the flu shot. 


"Total Biometric Surveillance... We Need to Monitor What's Happening Under the Skin" - Forget the worry of someone hacking your computer, these fools want to start hacking humans. Do Not Comply!


Father At School Board Meeting Reads Aloud The Pornographic “Filth” Available At His Kids’ School - A father who attended the April 11th Hudson Board of Education meeting decided to share with the school board some of the “filth” currently available to students at the school, sharing excerpts and images from contentious books like “Gender Queer” and reading aloud some of the pornographic excerpts.


James Red Pills America: WORLDWIDE BROADCAST PREMIER! Watch The Water! A Nefarious Mystery & Eternal Battle Of Good vs Evil! - The Pandemic continues on endlessly, yet its origins are STILL a NEFARIOUS MYSTERY! How did the world get SICK, how did COVID really spread, and did the Demonically Satanic Elite tell the world about this bioweapon YEARS ahead of time? NCSWIC! Trump Will Be Sworn In As The 19th President of the Restored Republic! Plus NESARA / GESARA! - I can hardly contain myself, Patriots! Lin covers a WHIRLWIND of FANTASTIC information in this awesome video, such as 'Is Biden REALLY the President?' and 'NESARA / GESARA', the 're-birth of the United States of the Republic, of which Trump will be sworn in as the 19th President' 


REDHAT2020: WORLD WAKING UP TO VACCINE MADNESS - To comply is madness but to speak out against the ‘Jab’ gets you "excommunicated" from all other social platforms. COMMUNISM IS REAL RED PILL - Enemies of Freedom. The New World Order is getting a firm footing. Right now however they are still outnumbered but won’t be much longer. MRNA CHANGES YOUR DNA EXPOSED - So why are they still pushing it - because you are allowing it. 


How Social Media is Destroying Our Kids, And Elon’s Revenge - The Dan Bongino Show - Democracy can only live in the light, censorship brings the darkness, and darkness brings anguish, depression, and fear. Kayleigh McEnany & Co. absolutely SHRED mentally compromised Biden - Biden is easily manipulated which is why they wanted to plant him in the WH. The Democrats will never admit guilt or defeat. Twitter Gets DESPERATE - Implements "Poison Pill" in Attempt to Thwart Musk - If you are smart and many of you are not, you would drop Twitter like a bad habit. The poison pill will bring about either suicide or destroy free speech to its members and the company itself. "There Is a Quid Pro Quo" - Mo Brooks EXPOSES How the Swamp REALLY Works - Breaking news both political parties are corrupt and only serve their donors, not the people. Lobbying should be labeled what it is... Bribery. This needs to stop in some way but how? Politicians pay to play! Former Clinton Strategist Issues DIRE Warning for Democrats - Patriots we have this. Take the future of this country in hand and let's turn all this around. Elon Musk asked if he has "Plan B" for Twitter, his response sets internet on fire - I have never liked the idea of ONE MAN being or acting as if he or she is the ONLY SAVIOR of free speech in America, but perhaps it will take one brave billionaire like a "Henry Ford" to destroy the Cabal that controls them all. The Left Is PANICKING About Elon Musk's Potential Twitter Takeover - The digital warriors (you) are dismantling the presstitute's propaganda narratives daily and they can read the writing on the wall. We the People will take the bull horn back with or without Elon or Mr. Trump but it would expedite the total annihilation of fake news with their help. Elon Musk asked if he has "Plan B" for Twitter, his response sets internet on fire - There have been many patriots, without which our country was doomed. ONE MAN… George Washington, without him, NO USA. Abraham Lincoln, ONE MAN, without him, NO USA. Martin Luther King, ONE MAN… without him, perhaps ANOTHER 100 years with no hope of racial equality. There are HUNDREDS of examples where ONE INDIVIDUAL was the tipping point to a better world. 


Red Voice Media: "Devastating for a Young Person" - Detransitioned Helena Kerschner Speaks Out - It's just devastating to, especially from a young age, be lied to by adults at school and by medical professionals and [be] told that your body is wrong, you need to change it, you need to get hormones, you need to get surgeries. That's devastating for a young person. The End of Free Movement: New 'Biomedical Security State' Will Be Deployed to Tackle Other 'Crises' - Dr. Aaron Kheriaty: "This vaccine passport system gives an unprecedented level of surveillance, monitoring. and control many different institutions, not just the government...That's going to be used for other purposes. Right? Gene Therapy Loaded Into the Flu Shot: The COVID Jab Is Just the Beginning - Attorney Thomas Renz: "So the big money is not in the COVID jab; the big money is in the mRNA... If you follow, that's where the investment money is, and if you look, what you'll see is [that] they've already decided that they're going to include gene therapy in the flu vaccines coming up. Do not get the flu vaccine this coming year." "You're On Your Own" - The Acceleration of Death and Denial of COVID Jab Claims - Dr. Peter McCullough: "If we look at death overall in the United States, 40% is heart disease, 40% is cancer, and 20% is other causes. I don't think that's going to change. The FDA Needs to Be Blown Up and Built From the Ground Up - Attorney Thomas Renz - The FDA of today is not the same FDA that first started. They too are on the Cabal's payroll. When [Trump] talked about the swamp, [the administrative state] is the swamp. So does the FDA need to be gone? Absolutely. Everybody, there should be fired and we should start over. Bewildered Biden Tries To Shake Hands With Thin Air, Wanders Around Looking Confused After Speech - Tell me please, why is he still allowed to play President? Human Guinea Pigs: Those Who Got the Shot are Trackable Research Subjects - Dr. Peter McCullough: "They are still investigational, meaning that you also agree to track. When you take the vaccine, you are now somebody who is trackable. They actually know who you are because you're a research subject."


Breaking News: Judy Byington Intel 04/14/22 - Breaking News - Get ready Patriots, major blackouts are coming. National Emergency Announcement!! Nesara Enable Central Bank Collapse! Banks are in trouble, Keep watch over Easter weekend. X22 Report Hunter Go To Jail 04/15/22 - Hunter Biden’s luck runs out and if he falls so does dear ole dad. The Contraction Has Begun, Lost The Narrative, Tick Tock 04/15/22 - People are waking up and won't change and it is coming before the end of the month of April. Put An End! Nesara Rolling Out! Central Bank Collapse is Imminent! - Stock exchange is closing for 4 days and that just doesn’t happen. However, there is a ray of hope ahead. Big Situation Of Today Via Restored Republic & Judy Byington - the biggest and most likely the best news is that Central Banking has failed. The Rothschild Banking system in 36 countries has closed due to being bankrupt. There is a global currency reset happening even as we speak. Shocking Military Situation Update!... 04/15/22 - Do not fall for the many red flags which are about to happen. Cyber-attacks will happen and we can not stop them before they happen. Exclusive News Just Updated! Q Drop Event Information - Nuremberg law comes into effect being we are in a war for humanitarian laws broken. Situation Late Night Huge Apdate Of Thursday 04/14/22 - What is actually going on in Ukraine will or should shock you to your core. 


SOFT PORN STAR TO SING IN ST. PETER’S SQUARE - Soft Porn, Hard Porn- what’s the difference it is still porn! Homoerotic singer to entertain teens on Easter Monday in the Vatican. Excuse the pun, but not the hell he would not! The Italian bishops have invited Italy's leading soft porn singer and rapper to perform at St. Peter's Square on Easter Monday before an audience of 60,000 teenagers. DIOCESE FOR LIFE -  A Catholic friend of the court. A Catholic diocese is getting involved in a legal battle to protect the unborn. The diocese of Biose, Idaho is asking the state's supreme court for permission to intervene in an abortion-related lawsuit. ABORTION DAMNING DEMS - Fr. Altman warns accomplices. Canceled priest Fr. James Altman is excoriating Democrats for enabling heinous crimes against the unborn. Altman condemned Catholic pro-abortion politicians and their bishops while speaking in Detroit with Michael Voris. Dozens more bishops warn German Church - As Germany's Synodal Path continues, more prelates are speaking out. Now 74 bishops from around the world — 49 of them American — penned a letter cautioning the German Church is heading for a dead end. Soros' minions attack City of Angels - On Monday, we reported on two George Soros–funded politicians creating chaos in America's heartland city, St. Louis. ‘BIBLE ALONE’ WASN’T CHRIST’S PLAN - Scripture was scarce for 1,500 years. The Scripture-alone mentality turns a deaf ear to Sacred Tradition. Indeed, it's reminiscent of the mindset of the 16th-century Catholics who converted to Protestantism. Gun Control, Dems shoot themselves in the foot. – Early Tuesday morning, a man set off smoke bombs and opened fire on the New York Subway System, injuring some 30 bystanders. 


North Korea behind $620 million cryptocurrency hack, FBI says - A pair of suspected North Korean state-sponsored hacking groups is behind the March 29 theft of $620 million worth of Ethereum cryptocurrency, according to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Someone infiltrated US base in Syria, planted bomb that hurt 4 US troops - How does one do this, and infiltrate a military base? Someone managed to infiltrate a U.S. base in eastern Syria and plant a bomb that wounded four U.S. service members. China demands US stop dealing with Taiwan; launches war drills as 6 US lawmakers visit - China launched war drills around Taiwan and demanded U.S. officials stop interacting with Taiwan after six U.S. lawmakers made a surprise visit to the island this week. Kremlin rejects Kyiv’s offer to swap captured pro-Russian politician for prisoners of war - The Kremlin has rejected Kyiv’s offer to swap arrested pro-Russian Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk for Ukrainian soldiers captured by Russian troops during Moscow’s ongoing unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Sen. Brown presses VA on veterans exposed to toxic burn pits - “I met the first Agent Orange veteran [decades ago…] and it’s hard to believe that the military didn’t know more about what these burn pits were doing when they’re burning batteries, and tires and medical waste,” Brown said. Twitter refuses to remove terrorist-linked Iranian accounts - The more things change the more they stay the same. 46 retired generals, admirals warn Biden against Iran nuclear deal - Dozens of retired U.S. generals and admirals published an open letter to President Joe Biden on Tuesday to express their disagreement with a potential Iran nuclear deal. 


Court Document: 221K Illegal Migrants Encountered at Border in March - According to a court document filed Friday in the federal lawsuit between Texas and Missouri against the administration of President Joe Biden, Customs and Border Protection agents encountered more than 221,000 illegal migrants along the southern border in March. Mike Gibbons to Newsmax: Trump's Vance Endorsement 'Above My Pay Grade' - "Ultimately, it's going to be the decision of the voters in the state of Ohio," Gibbons told Friday's "Spicer & Co." "I've heard from a lot of sources that a lot of people are very upset at the idea of President Trump endorsing at this point." Religious Leaders to Newsmax: Judeo-Christian Tradition Creates 'Nation of Sterling Character' - It has to do with our habits. We work. We're industrial," Spero said during "The Chris Salcedo Show" Friday. "The idea that we sacrifice for great things in life, these are what make a person of great character, and this is what makes a nation of sterling type of character. Biden Administration to Resume Oil, Gas Leasing on Federal Land - Biden has never done anything for the better good of Americans. It would be wise to keep a close eye on Joe Biden. Kamala Harris Flouts Guidelines While Travelers, Toddlers Must Mask - More and more people are tossing the face diapers and they should be seeing that they never worked in the first place. Newsmax Live Stream - Senator Marshall gladly gave a tour of the U.S. Capital to members of the ‘People’s Convoy’ which has people talking. 


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