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by on April 11, 2022

The Patriot Brotherhood

News Gazette Briefs-31 

The People's Revolution


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. 


That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness. ― Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence. 


We can all agree that America has a serious Social Media problem can we not? The American people, the whole world, actually love to stage walkouts, boycotts, marches, and protest for different reasons. Would it not be amazing if everyone, everywhere at the same time, the same day simply deleted their Facebook account? Could you imagine the impact of such an action? The Facebook stocks would bottom out. Could you imagine the money they would lose…it would have to shut down. If everyone stayed off Facebook until they changed their platform, it would be a major win. 


WATCH: ‘Blue’s Clues’ Pride Parade Cartoon Has Drag Queen Serenading Non-Binary, Pansexual Animals - Popular kid’s show Blue’s Clues has teamed up with drag queen “Nina West” in a video aimed at celebrating Gay Pride Month.


Matt Gaetz called out Biden’s disturbing plans for reshaping the U.S. military - During an exchange with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin – who issued a stunning stand-down order to investigate “extremism” within the military upon taking office – Gaetz mentioned, “The National Defense University had Thomas Piketty come and this was the title of his lecture: ‘Responding to China: The Case for Global Justice and Democratic Socialism.’”


Republican Senator ripped Biden for what he’s doing to hurt American families - These deep-pocket SOBs could care less how much the American people struggle to make ends meet! Americans are feeling the squeeze of 40-year-high inflation, and the Democrats’ solution to the problem is to blame oil companies and Vladimir Putin.


Maxine Waters found herself in hot water after what she was caught saying to her constituents - Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) has long been considered a Swamp monster long before President Trump coined the phrase. 


Donald Trump just made one big endorsement that sent shockwaves through the establishment - The establishment has tried everything to vanquish Donald Trump. Now Trump is endorsing another candidate: Sarah Palin.


Democrats got some bad news about their unrelenting attack on Ron DeSantis


Obama Comes Back To The White House, And Biden Becomes The Red-Headed Stepchild Again - Barack Obama returns to the White House while the media drool all over themselves, and Joe Biden returns to being an afterthought as his polls collapse. 


Shapiro LEVELS New York City’s RIDICULOUS Attack on Florida 


Americans Don’t Want Biden’s Climate Change Offers - Joe Biden thinks that he has all of the answers for America. The problem is that he doesn’t want to listen to what Americans want. 


Report: George Soros Funds 13 Radical Democrats Running for Congress in 2022 - Some Democrats have attempted to distance themselves from defunding police, but radical Democrats backed by Soros continue to push the Democrat issue. Follow the money!


California Looks to Let Illegals Become Police Officers - A bill working its way through the California State Senate looks to allow non-U.S. citizens — potentially including illegal immigrants — to become law enforcement officers in the state.


Biden’s Border Crisis & Cancel Culture, Sunday On Life, Liberty & Levin 


The Right Side with Doug Billings - Doug's long-anticipated interview with Eric Trump.


Liberal media malpractice is at an all-time high - Sean Hannity discusses the latest revelations in the Hunter Biden investigation and the media covering up the laptop scandal.


Border Patrol Council Spokesman: Biden Admin Not Allowing Border Patrol To Do Their Job - National Border Patrol Council Spokesman: Biden Admin Not Allowing Border Patrol To Do Their Job.


Ron DeSantis Vows To Drop Illegal Aliens Off In Delaware - Agree 100%. Send them to Delaware, California, and every other place that supports importing all these foreign welfare recipients. Let them pay for these people. Why should taxpayers pay for these imported foreigners?


Purging Big Medicine with Dr. Ted Fogarty - These curative life-saving protocols will be needed even more as Bill Gates is planning to release millions of GMO mosquitoes in FL and CA. People also need to keep watch on Klaus Schwab. 


What Is Title 42 and What Will Happen When It Ends? - Where did all the good days go? Will we ever see them again?


It's a Woke World. Disney attacks HB 1557 and tries to get between parents and their kids - After Governor DeSantis signs HB 1557 which is designed to stop the indoctrination of children by some "woke educators", Disney smears he bill and goes on the attack. Calling it the "Don't say gay" bill they are demanding that schools should not need to inform educators when "counseling" their children on gender orientation., sexuality, and other mental issues.


We Think This Is Right Wing...But Actually It’s Not. - Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Thomas Frank on Under The Skin. Thomas is a political analyst, historian, and journalist.


Charlamagne Confronts Pete Buttigieg: Black People Feel Like Democrats Haven’t Kept Their Promises 


Report on MS-13's "Little Devil" Who Licked Blood from Lips During Brutal Killing 


Heckler Calls Amy Coney Barrett an 'Enslaver of Women' Her Response Is Golden - Barrett is NOT a conservative justice. Justices aren't supposed to rule with politics, that's exactly why we have the Supreme Court. They are supposed to be "unbiased" not apolitical.


White House Puts the State of Alabama "On Notice" Over Law Prohibiting Castration of Children - If you aren’t willing to not castrate sex offenders then leave our children the hell alone! STOP CHILD MUTILATION!


Conservative Disney Employee Rips Company in Front of their CA HQ 


Texas begins dispatching buses to the border to transport illegal immigrants to DC - Texas has dispatched buses to the southern border to retrieve illegal immigrants after Gov. Greg Abbott said this week that he planned to send those released in his state to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.


SITUATION UPDATE 4/7/22 - We’re talking about a horror or sci-fi movie!


Lara Logan EXPLODES! Goes Full NUCLEAR on "EMPIRE OF LIES" Exposing Ukraine, COVID, NWO, WEF & Media - This ENTIRE DISGUSTING, DEMONIC WORLD that we are living in is NOTHING MORE than an EMPIRE OF LIES!


Joint Venture Conspiracy- John Durham - When can conspiracy theorists start being called fortune tellers? 


FOREIGN AGENTS ARRESTED IN DC POSING AS DHS OFFICERS - Major news out of Washington DC, foreign agents running deep cover infiltrated Jill Biden’s Secret Service detail in a massive failure for the agency.


BREAKING! Mel K Keeps DROPPING BOMBS! Reveals New Details About SICK & TWISTED Side Of The Bidens! - SHIELD YOUR RETIREMENT INCOME FROM BIDEN'S TAX ASSAULT! Open Up A Qualifying IRA Today & Get Up To $10K in Free Silver! MEL K BLOWS THE LID OFF and does NOT STOP dropping MAJOR BOMBS all over the Luciferian Deep State FREAKS in this SALACIOUSLY EYE-POPPING & MIND-BOGGLING interview, Patriots! Get ready to have your MINDS BLOWN in this NON STOP BARRAGE of FACTS and SALACIOUS DETAILS.


Texas Congressman Chip Roy Destroys Jerry Nadler in Committee - Nadler is a fool and a puppet. 


Psaki Spews Mask Hypocrisy, IMMEDIATELY Gets Schooled By Brave Journalist - The American people are tired of the BS!


'View' Hosts Want to Sue Trump Over Covid - No one ever said they were bright.


Jen Psaki Did Not Like this Question Accusing Kamala Harris of Breaking CDC Protocol - You mean the protocol that only suits them…that one?


Tucker Carlson Rips "Idiot News Anchors" - These fake News Companies are the Ones bought and owned by 6 corporations that are in fact pushing lies and should be held accountable. 


SITUATION UPDATE 4/8/22 - Fact is stranger than fiction


Stephen Miller: The World Has Never Seen Anything Like What’s Happening At The Southern Border - The Democrat Party that doesn’t follow our Constitution and their oath of office. 


Russian Atrocities Exposed - As Russia's invading forces pull back from Ukrainian cities, the full extent of their atrocities against innocent Ukrainian citizens is only beginning to be revealed.


Double standard for Democrats and Republicans on COVID spreading: Sen. Paul - The One World Government and they want population control. This is how communism works. They seek to enslave. 


Gender reassignment surgeries for minors are 'child abuse': Clay Travis - Every Dr that does this should be jailed as a child molester. Should I catch a man or woman showing MY CHILD pornographic images without my knowledge, know that they will have a bad day.


"To the Tyrants of This State!": Mikki Willis Addresses the Crimes of Dr. Fauci and Gavin Newsom - I can see the globalists, and their stooges in the governments all over the world, getting very nervous. 


Mike Lindell Vows to Remove All Machines From Elections—Filing Preliminary Injunctions in 8 States - "They're all gonna be going to prison. Trust me. I've said it before: we're gonna meltdown these machines and make prison bars out of them... Next week, we're doing preliminary injunctions, starting with eight states, starting with the state of Arizona, 


Biden Finally Starts To See What He Can Do for Gas Prices, Refuses To Consider the Obvious - Biden is claiming that he wants to do something about the gas prices. He’s looking from many angles, but not the right one. New Information Raises Even More Concern Over Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings Around the World - According to CBS News, the federal probe into the president’s son is broader than what was previously known. NFL Chooses Racism Over Unity - When we talk about sports in America, it doesn’t take very long to realize that in today’s day and age, they are pretty diverse. In fact, sports teams, both professional and otherwise, have some of the highest diversity ratings of just about anything else in the nation, or rather it did. Summer Plans? Omicron Subvariant Says Not So Fast - Do not fall for the same BS again! 


Breaking News: WILL LIFTING TITLE 42 OVERWHELM BORDER COMMUNITIES? - This is a very bad idea. U.S. JAVELIN MISSILE SYSTEM PLAYS KEY ROLE IN UKRAINE'S DEFENSE - Who would you put your money on - Russia or Ukraine? TRUMP RELEASES HUGE INTEL ON HIS LAWSUIT - Bulls-eye! TRUMP'S REACT PLAN REVEALED - Donald Trump is still very much in-game. MILITARY TRIBUNAL IN WHITE HOUSE UNFOLDED - What is it going to take before you believe? 


JEFFREY EPSTEIN FLIGHT LOG EXPOSED - People without shame. BILL GATES MAD THAT THE WORLD IS WAKING UP - Gates is one of those people that you wouldn’t mind watching be executed. THE GREAT RESET DEMON 2022 - NWO has to be stopped! CHEMTRAILS OVER FLORIDA OCEAN - Bio-weapon…have you ever stopped to wonder what the Biolabs are creating and why? 


Autopsies Confirm: The Fingerprints of the Vaccine Are Everywhere in the Body - Dr. McCullough: "We now know [that] in people who have had autopsies after being vaccinated or shortly after being vaccinated... we can see the fingerprint of the vaccine everywhere in the body. It's in the brain; it's in the heart. It's in the bone marrow; it's in the reproductive organs and the lymph nodes... We've never had a vaccine that goes into the human brain... We've never had a vaccine go into the human heart. And so just these observations alone are very disconcerting." The Death Count From the COVID Jab "Is Worse Than a War" - Dr. Peter McCullough - Death could be as high as 187,000 Americans losing their life after vaccination. The sad part besides the actual deaths is it was planned to kill. That and it didn’t kill as many as fast as they had hoped. Irish MEP Clare Daly Wreaks Havoc on Parliament, Dismantling the Dominant Pro-War Narrative - We cannot ignore the role of NATO and the EU. Instead of promoting peace and acting in the interests of the people of Europe... [this conflict] has become a tool of NATO and the military-industrial complex. What is needed is an end to the conflict, an end to militarism, a ceasefire, and a negotiated settlement. Yellow Vests and Everyday Parisians March Against Macron on the Eve of the Election - Marxists…If dominion machines are used no Conservative will be elected to support the majority of the population, "Lock Them Up!" - Los Angeles Is Fired Up to Defeat the Mandates - Everyone that was complicit with doing the Government's bidding will be held accountable, especially those that hold authority in any fashion, Politicians, Health Care Professionals, Scientists, Police, Pharmaceutical Companies ... You and Many Others. "Illegal Under the Nuremberg Code" - RFK Jr Safeguards the Kids—Refuses to Let Them Be Human Shields - Never in human history have old people required the young people [to] take risks, make sacrifices, and die to preserve older people. We have a fiduciary duty to our children. And Old people. 


Trump Blasts New York AG James, Democrats: When Will 'Witch Hunt' End? - "As president, I had two jobs — to run our country well, and to survive," Trump's statement continued. "I've been investigated by the Democrats more than Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and Al Capone combined. US Speeds Entry for Ukrainian Refugees at Mexico Border. Britain Seeks Energy Independence Through Nuclear Power - There are also plans for more North Sea oil and gas projects and an expansion of offshore wind and solar power infrastructure. London Blocks Sale of New Platinum, Palladium From Russian Refineries - The two metals are chiefly used by automakers, who embed them in vehicle exhausts to reduce harmful emissions. Michael Savage to Newsmax: Justice Jackson Exposes 'Perverted' Left - "We're in very big trouble, and America's children are the big losers here," Savage told Thursday's "Prime News." "How could liberals who claim that they are in favor of children's rights and women's rights, put a woman on the Supreme Court who is soft on child porn felons? It's beyond imagination. David Perdue to Newsmax: Kemp, Abrams to Blame for Illegal Immigrant Surge - "This is why Donald Trump was so emphatic that we had to stop the invasion on the southern border, and he was successful, you know," Nancy Mace to Newsmax: Democrats Have 'Zero Interest' in Southern Border - "I appreciate Gov. Abbott's zero-tolerance policy and support his right to ship the immigrants who have come across his border illegally to Washington, D.C.," Mace told "American Agenda" on Thursday.  Trump: I Wanted to March to the Capitol on Jan. 6 - “Secret Service said I couldn’t go,” Trump said. “I would have gone there in a minute.” Democrats Facing Loss in Youth Support - Young voters' support for President Joe Biden has not been this low for a Democrat president in decades, leading to fears the left is losing its long-held stranglehold on the youth vote. 


  Leave The Kids Alone! -The Dan Bongino Show - For a few "wartime president" political points in Nov, the reptile Biden is gonna send ~our kids~ (not theirs). A Stunning New Report About The 2020 Election - Truth Justice & the American Way…why is it taking so long to come to light. Biden - America Can Be Defined in One Word: iwasanafoothimafootift - Compromised mentally, Corrupted morally, AGradeaAssHole! EXPOSED: Media Falls For Another Hoax - Media knows they are lying. They get away with it and had a successful coup against an American president by outright lies & lying by omission. Disney's CEO Proves Why You Should #BoycottDisney - Disney has become a major disappointment. DHS Sec. Mayorkas tells black audience greatest threat is "white supremacy" - He can speak in a soft voice and accuse people of hate but if he ignores the law and ignores the objections of actual citizens, then he is the one being hateful. Gov. DeSantis Fires Back at NYC's Mayor - I think most people have no problem deciding who they are sexually and never have. Why do they feel so compelled to tell students their sexuality? Dan Bongino: The "Evil-ution" of the Left. Any politician that supports or stays silent on the issue of gender fluidity and teaching children about sex is evil. 


WORSE THAN NAZIS - With the horrific images from Washington, D.C., earlier this week, the whole world can now see the extent of the evil foisted on it by the combination of the Democratic Party and the U.S. bishops. MIND RAPING - Gaslighting victims. Part of an abuser's routine is to seed his victims' minds with lies that rationalize the abuse. HORROR IN DC,Bishops deserve to burn. - Saint Michael, the Archangel, will punish such people. ‘Dragged Into War’ — or Peace - If there is no peace to be had, then get ready for a fight. SSPX Scandal Goes Global 


American Military News: Ukraine forces say they defeated ‘elite’ Russian armored brigade - “38th OMSBr zs rf [38th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade] and its scrap metal,” the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s Strategic Command said Russia suspended from UN Human Rights Council for ‘systematic abuses’ - The UN General Assembly has voted to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council over reports of “gross and systematic violations and abuses of human rights” by invading Russian troops in Ukraine. Intel suspends Russia operations - The chipmaker had stopped sales in Russia a month ago, in accordance with U.S. sanctions on the country. Intel condemned Russia’s invasion. Surprise! The Navy declared its newest carrier battle-ready last year - USS Gerald R. Ford—the Navy’s oft-troubled next-generation aircraft carrier. Chinese drone warns residents to ‘control your soul’s desire for freedom’ amid COVID lockdown - A drone apparently equipped with a loudspeaker was deployed in Shanghai, China, to warn the city of 26 million people to “control your soul’s desire for freedom” after residents took to their balconies to sing in protest of new lockdown measures in place. As VA hospital threatened with closure, veterans warn community caregivers aren’t prepared to treat them - The future of the Edward P. Boland VA Medical Center is far from settled. It will need to pass multiple rounds of review by federal officials before its fate is final. But the possibility that it shuts down still has many veterans concerned. 


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