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The Patriot Brotherhood

News Gazette Briefs-25 

The People's Revolution


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. 


That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness. ― Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence.


OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE AMERICAN TRUCKERS FREEDOM FUND - Truckers for Freedom is a group of Truckers from across the USA who are preparing to drive across the country to protest the unscientific, unconstitutional overreach of the federal government. Let’s everyone stand shoulder to shoulder with the truckers and help them along their path. These truckers are risking their livelihoods to restore our freedom, and they need our support. It costs $5,000 in fuel alone to get from California to DC! 


WATCH: Russia Launches Massive Helicopter Assault In Attempt To Take Ukrainian Airfield - Russian President Vladimir Putin launched Russia’s full-scale invasion after announcing that a “special military operation” was underway. Ukraine Shoots Down Five Russian Fighter Jets, Helicopter: Official. Russia-Ukraine conflict live updates: Biden to speak after Moscow invades Ukraine - Russia invaded Ukraine Thursday, with cities bombarded from the air and forces fighting on the ground. Russia attacks Ukraine as defiant Putin warns US, NATO - Big explosions were heard before dawn in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odesa as world leaders decried the start of a Russian invasion that could cause massive casualties and topple Ukraine’s democratically elected government. 


Nino & Melly - Putin, Bioweapons, End Times Major Clues from Minor Prophets 


Bronx Man Who Smeared Human Feces on Woman’s Face Told Cops “Sh*t Happens” Before Being Released without Bail - 37-year-old Frank Abrokwa smeared human feces on a 43-year-old woman’s face in a New York City subway station on February 21. (He just opened a whole case of A**Whoop!)


Gingrich: Biden SOTU Address Was ‘Lie After Lie’ to the American People 


Capitol rioter awaiting sentencing dies by suicide, coroner says - Where was Killary? A Capitol rioter died by suicide as he was awaiting sentencing on charges of witness tampering, entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, and two counts of disorderly conduct, officials said.


Judge Blocks New York Attorney General Letitia James’ Bid to Put NRA Out of Business - The judge however allowed James’ lawsuit accusing Wayne LaPierre and other top executives for funneling millions of dollars from the NRA to continue.


STOP IRAN NOW - All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. People, they might as well be talking to each and every one of us here in America and across the world. We have done nothing to stop our governments from stripping us of nearly everything and that includes our pride. We are on the edge of the NWO and we must stop it NOW! A profoundly alarming thread has surfaced this evening on Twitter. It is written by Gabriel Noronha, a former Iran official at the US State Department. Under this action, the U.S. will lift sanctions on IRGC Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan, who led IRGC forces in Lebanon and Syria when Hezbollah bombed the Marine compound in Beirut and killed 241 U.S. service members in 1983. PERFIDY IN VIENNA? IF THIS IS CORRECT, THERE ARE JUST FOUR DAYS LEFT TO SAVE AMERICA AND THE WORLD.


BREAKING: Republicans Force Biden’s Hand on Russian Oil — Introduce New Bill For American Energy Independence - It turns out that the Democrats’ plan to rely on Russian oil and shut down U.S. energy independence was a very, very bad idea. Reopen the Keystone XL pipeline and give us back our energy independence.




Apple and FBI grilled by lawmakers on spyware from Israeli NSO Group 


Bankers Want Control Of Digital IDs 


ALERT: Supreme Court Ruling on Mail-In Voting CRUSHES Democrats! - You most likely won’t see this in the mainstream media. 




FDA found Pfizer vaccine just 12% effective in younger children - It turns out that children in that age group received very little protection from the vaccine, with only 12% developing effective resistance to the omicron variant of the virus.


Foreign mercenaries in Ukraine will not have POW status — Russian military 


US/NATO Provoked Ukraine War Say Most Experts On Russia - Politicians and members of the media have nearly universally expressed shock and dismay at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but their incredulity is belied by the fact that numerous Russian experts and historians have been predicting these events practically since the fall of the Berlin Wall. 


Saving The Republic - Recently I joined brothers James & Michael Mundy, declaring another call to action to all county sheriffs and freedom-loving patriots to join together to save the Republic.


US 'Doomsday' Plane Takes to the Sky After Putin Threat - The “doomsday plane” is part of a fleet of Boeing 747 aircraft that the U.S. military has sustained for about 50 years. 


Trump's Push to Get Europe to Import US Gas Over Russia's Paying Dividends Now 


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Delivers Response to State of the Union Address 3/1/22 


Canton, Ohio, Re-Awaken America Freedom Conference Speaker - Iowa Mama Bears - A mama bear will always protect her clubs.




Biden administration restores sanctions waiver to Iran - The Biden administration has restored a sanctions waiver to Iran, a senior State Department official said, as indirect talks between Washington and Tehran on returning to the 2015 nuclear agreement entered the final stretch. Damn fools!


Putin says any attempt to impose no-fly zone in Ukraine would amount to declaration of war - Vladimir Putin has warned that any attempt to impose a no-fly zone in Ukraine would be tantamount to entering the conflict, and said Western sanctions on Russia were akin to a declaration of war. 


Ohio lawmakers pass ‘constitutional carry’ gun bill - Republicans shot down multiple amendments offered by Democrats — for a one-page brochure on current firearm laws, for universal background checks, and temporary removal of guns from people in crisis. If stopped by police, a person with a concealed weapon no longer has to tell officers about it unless they’re specifically asked.


Supreme Court deals setback to Muslims suing FBI over spying on a CA mosque 


‘I’m not afraid of dying’: San Francisco tech worker joins civilian fighters in Ukraine - “I’m emotionally spent, I’m physically spent, I’m spiritually spent. I’m so angry words can’t even describe,” That fury has driven him to take up arms in defense of his new community: This week, he joined a civilian territorial defense battalion, a voluntary military unit. Don’t laugh, you will possibly get your chance if hell breaks out here in this country. Putin says US sanctions are ‘declaration of war’ 


Sen. King warns of Russian cyberattacks against U.S. - “We have to be more and more concerned about and prepared for a cyberattack, which means individual people at their desktops in small and large businesses in the U.S. need to be really careful,” 


Canton, Ohio, Re-Awaken America Freedom Conference Speaker - Robert and Jamie Agee - God bless our Patriots!


Durham 'Operating in a Hostile Environment' | CLIP | American Thought Leaders - Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke explain how special counsel John Durham is operating in a very careful way because those in charge of the Department of Justice are generally hostile to his investigation. 


Defiant! Ukrainian Soldiers and Civilians Use Heroic Measures To Stave Off Russian Onslaught 


Joe Biden Readies Plan to Revive Nuclear Deal with Iran as Oil Spikes - President Joe Biden’s effort to restore former President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran may be finished soon, according to the State Department.


Elon Musk Pushes Energy Policy For U.S. That Would ‘Negatively Affect’ His Own Company: ‘Extraordinary Times Demand Extraordinary Measures’ 


Dr. Zelenko - The [DS] Did Not Reach Their Goal, There Is Hope For Those Who Received The Death Jab - Dr. Zelenko begins the conversation explaining that the death jab will have medical problems because the death jab was not a vaccine, it was to reduce the population and the [DS]/Big Pharma fell short of their goal. But there is hope, those who received the death jab have the ability to shield or maybe even reverse what was given to them. 


Ports Are Open: Ron DeSantis Announces Global Shipping Company Moving Some Operations from California to Florida - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced Friday that the global shipping company Sea-Lead Shipping is moving part of its operations from California to Jacksonville, Florida — another victory for the governor, whose state’s ports have increased their capacity to help alleviate the nationwide supply chain crisis. Long live Ron DeSantis. Would it not be awesome to see him and Trump run together for 2024? 


The CDC Has Been Warned a ‘Criminal’ Fraud Investigation is ‘Ready to Go’ After Midterm Elections 


Vets Take Up Arms! Former U.S. And Other EU NATO-Trained Forces Respond To Zelensky's Call To Action - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky offered that anyone willing to fight could join the Ukrainian military battle against Russia in their attempts to invade. 


What the Media Is HIDING About Ukraine/Russia 


VACCINE RECKONING: More than 66% of “fully vaccinated” Israelis are now suffering adverse reactions - According to new reports, the vast majority of “fully vaccinated” Israelis are now suffering adverse reactions, many of them serious, because of the injections. The bodies are piling up, in other words. 


Removal Of Biden In Office, The Fall Of London Bridge With Chas Carter & Charlie Ward  


Men Are Waking Up And Standing Up! With Aj Roberts, Harry Thomas & Charlie Ward 


  TRUMP IS SUPPORTING GENERAL FLYNN & CLAY CLARK WITH ANN VANDERSTEEL & CLAY CLARK - Alleged Virus That Causes COVID-19 Has NEVER Been Isolated in a Lab: Drs. Lee Merritt & Tom Cowan Explain https://snooze2awaken.com/2022/02/23/ alleged-virus-that-causes-covid-19-has-never-been-isolated-in-a-lab-Drs-lee-Merritt-tom-cowan-explain Bottom line: "If SARS-CoV-2 was real, it would have been found by now." THE FINAL COLLAPSE OF THE OLD SYSTEM, THE LOVE BASED REALITY WITH VICTORIA REYNOLDS & CHARLIE WARD. - -  BIOLABS IN UKRAINE FUNDED FOR BIOWEAPONS AGAINST US! WITH JASON Q & CHARLIE WARD


We The People NEWS: SITUATION UPDATE - Game Over! - NEO-NAZIS IN UKRAINE, KHAZARIAN REGIME, CHILD TRAFFICKERS, PUTIN VOWS TO CLEAN UP UKRAINE, US SECRET BIOWEAPONS LABS IN UKRAINE & GLOBAL, TARGETING SLAVIK PEOPLE FOR DEPOPULATION, CABAL OWNED MSM LIES, BIDEN CRIME FAMILY EXPOSED IN UKRAINE AND DELAWARE, WHO STEALING POWER, VAX IN LIVER CELLS CHANGES DNA, NATO/RUSSIA TENSIONS CONTINUE, CANADA WINS, CONVOYS CONTINUE, GCR UPDATE, JUDY BYINGTON, CABAL MEDIA BRAINWASHING PUBLIC AND So Much More. https://rumble.com/vwgnbj-situation-update-3422.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=2. THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE KHAZARIAN MAFIA - It is not the first time that history has been gotten rid of and it will not be the last. They are also in the process of changing the spin on the descriptive material for public review regarding the US founding documents in the National Archives, to follow the "woke" agenda and propaganda.


Stew Peters Show - DARPA's "Project DEFUSE" Bringing MORE of Fauci's Bioweapons Against Americans - The Dr. Jane Ruby Show is dedicated to Truth in Medicine and today's show is no exception, Dr. Jane reviews the stunning expose brought forward by DRASTIC Research, the group that unveiled the illegal criminal activity by Anthony Fauci, Ecohealth Alliance President Peter Daszak, college drops out Bill Gates, and how EHA brokered deals with corrupt US Government officials in HHS to fund countless proposals for Gain of Function programs and proves that the Covid Pandemic was a premeditated, strategic plan for racketeering, money laundering, and death and destruction. Worm Eggs Found In Vials: German Doctors Report Hatching Eggs In Vaxx - The bioweapon marketed as a ‘vaccine’ has proven to be an injectable death wish in many cases. Now, the US is expecting a new rollout of dangerous jabs with terrifying ingredients. I wonder how many sheep they will kill with it. Top Secret Pfizer Documents Leaked: Pfizer Knew That Vaxx Would Kill Thousands - The scheme of lies, false data, and political divisiveness surrounding Pfizer jabs are finally collapsing. Friday on the Stew Peters Show, Dr. Robert Malone exposes confidential information from Pfizer containing fatal vaccine injuries and lists of extreme adverse events.


The Patriot Think Tank: ARTICLE V VICTORY! STATE NUMBER 18 IS IN THE BOOKS! - An AMAZING day for the Convention of States movement to call for a convention of states under Article V of the Constitution to propose amendments that would restrict the power of the federal government without input from the federal government! State of the Union: Biden's EXPENSIVE wish list. Refers to the Great Reset, invents a new country? - Biden uses Ukrainian citizens as political tools and mentions the Great Reset as something we need. We have some fun with the spending spree he wants as Xi Jing Ping to pay for while speaking against Ping's new ally in Russia.


RedpillTheWorld: NWO Admits They Won't Survive- US Admits Coup 


  Dan Ball W/ Dr. Robert Malone, Pfizer File Dump on Vax Adverse Events - They don’t want you to know the truth. Dan Ball W/ Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Fact-Checking Biden's SOTU On Economy - Biden, and Karma are both jokes that we Americans could have done without. Dan Ball W/ Chad Prather, 'This Week In Woke America - Disney is just as wicked as Pfizer, Moderna, and the US government. This remark bugs me because I grew up with Disney shows but a number of years back I learned that Disney isn’t everything we thought it was. Dan Ball W/ Stefan Kleinhenz, U.S. Trucker Convoy Update WWG1WGA


Spartz Stars, Biden Blunders - Spartz calls out Biden's cowardice in the face of Putin's impudence. Mark wants to know why Biden continues to buy Russian oil while Ukrainian blood is being spilled. National Security Insights On Russia/Ukraine, Sunday on Life, Liberty and Levin - What ‘National Security’, do we actually have one? Evil Empires - Isolationists believe that Russia's invasion of Ukraine doesn't affect us. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As Putin storms Ukraine, history teaches us that appeasement of madmen like Putin only encourages more genocide. Keep an eye on China.


RT, Russia Govt-Funded TV Network, Shuts Down US Operations - Russian government-funded Russia Today has abruptly shut down its U.S.-based operations following international criticism of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Pelosi on Banning Russian Oil Imports: 'I'm All for That; Ban It' - As myriad Republicans have denounced President Joe Biden restricting U.S. oil production, while the U.S. is ordering 600,000 barrels a day from Russia, Russians Besiege Ukraine Energy Hub, Seacoast; Nuke Plant Reported Ablaze - Ukrainian leaders called on citizens to rise up and wage guerrilla war against the invaders. US Veteran in Ukraine to Newsmax: I'm Here to 'Stand Up on Behalf of America' - Sgt. Paul from Texas, who revealed only his first name, explained during his appearance on "Eric Bolling The Balance" that he had been staying in Ukraine for over a year and found it to be "a wonderful place to live for all Europeans, for all Americans." Lindsey Graham: Russians Should Assassinate Putin - Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is calling for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He tweeted: "Is there a Brutus in Russia? Is there a more successful Colonel Stauffenberg in the Russian military?" Florida Senate Passes GOP Election Police Bill Sought by Gov. DeSantis - The Florida Senate passed a voting law package Friday that was pushed by Gov. Ron DeSantis and would create a police force dedicated to pursuing election crimes. China to Raise Defense Spending by 7.1% to $229 Billion - Saturday’s announcement marks a continuation of the robust spending that has given China an increasingly powerful military that is challenging the U.S. armed forces’ dominance in the Indo-Pacific region.


Propaganda Versus Hard Realities - Updates: The bad news first then some positive developments on the ground. Psaki humiliated during BRUTAL questioning on buying Russian oil - Oh the shame of it all and it shows on her face. Biden says Russia is "firing indiscriminately" on Russian cities, no one corrects him - The whole world is watching this fool and he is making all of us look bad. Biden Staff RUSHES to Shuffle Away Reporters - What an idiot. Not a mask in sight. Nice how they can just flip a switch like that after all the harm they’ve caused. Forget how they used the Covid lie to destroy our economy and nothing mentioned the harm they did to our children the last 2 years. This Video Is Coming Back to Haunt Kamala Harris - that didn’t work out very well for her - did it? Melinda Gates Speaks Out About Bill's Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein - There's a lot more we still don't know, and probably a lot more she's hiding. Gas station manager reveals how many Biden stickers he removes per day - when it's a BLM message on the street it's a mural, but when it's a fact the left doesn't like, it's vandalism. BLM and Antifa start fires and tear up everything in their path, but a little sticker on a pump is vandalism? Where's Fauci? - Why is he still walking free? Why is he still wasting the same air we breathe? 


TAYLOR MARSHALL DEFAMES THE POPE  - When someone opens their mouth, one should know what they are saying to be the truth but Taylor Marshall — who twice in the last few weeks erroneously declared Pope Francis a heretic — didn't quite get the memo. REJECTING DEGENERATE TECH GIANTS - In a fiery speech, Andrew Torba, the CEO of free speech platform Gab, advocated creating "parallel Christian systems" to combat "demonic" Big Tech. ABP. VIGANÒ DENOUNCES ‘GLOBAL COUP’ - Vatican whistleblower and former papal nuncio to the United States Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has called for an anti-globalist alliance of people and nations against The Great Reset. ABUSIVE PRIESTS ABORT ILLEGITIMATE OFFSPRING - A significant number of priests have pressured vulnerable women to get abortions after impregnating them during illicit affairs, a new study on clerical sex abuse reveals. GERMAN PRELATE STEPPING DOWN? - Cardinal offers the second resignation to the pope. TRANSGENDER PRIORITIES - US Army focusing on woke politics. March 4, 2022 | Evening News.  

American Military News: US Navy recovers crashed F-35C from South China Sea - “The ship’s crane lifting hook was then lowered to the seafloor and connected to the rigging, and then lifted the aircraft to the surface and hoisted it onboard Picasso,” DOJ launches Russian task force - “The Justice Department will use all of its authorities to seize the assets of individuals and entities who violate these sanctions,” Russia planning public executions in Ukrainian cities - Russian forces are planning to begin public executions in an effort to break the morale of Ukrainians resisting their invasion. Biden admin postpones ballistic missile test over ‘tensions’ with Russia - “Last weekend, as you saw, President Putin directed a special alert of Russian nuclear forces. Now, in this time of heightened tensions, the United States and other members of the international community rightly saw this as dangerous and irresponsible. Russian troops attack and destroy their own troops, tanks - Russian troops attacked other Russian troops early Friday, destroying nine tanks and four armored vehicles in the “friendly fire” incident, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Guess they didn’t like the color of them…lol. Stoltenberg says NATO members agree no alliance planes should fly over Ukraine - Stoltenberg again called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop his unprovoked war against Ukraine “immediately, and without conditions.” Top Russia official warns next world war would be ‘nuclear and destructive’ - Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday that if a third world war happens, it would be destructive and involve nuclear weapons. NY GOP politician asks Americans to donate guns to send to Ukraine - A New York politician is asking Americans this week to donate guns so he can send them to Ukraine to be used against the Russian invasion.


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