Joe Donato
by on July 21, 2021

If I miss Anything Please Feel Free To Ask me. Thank You

E-mail's: Bluefisher88@gmail.com, Bluegill-2009@outlook.com or Via Orbys

Special Note: I Will Not Answer if I see Trash Phone Number's showning Up or They are No voice Recording on the Answering Machine, So Please Don't Waste my Time. Thank You

Phone Number: 1570 685 2052

1) I'm a Small Business owner who Supports President Donald J Trump as well as ALL America First

I'm Ship (Sorry) But I used Usps witch I Don't like to used, They are the closest to me.

1A) I will Ship with Usps Tracking (First Class Package)

2) Pick up Allowed, With Notice Only

3) Price's Are Set For Non- Cash

Thank You

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