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by on July 13, 2021

The Patriot Brotherhood News Updates - 07/12/2021

NightTime Edition: 


 ‘Freedom 515’ is holding a ‘Freedom Rally At SC State House, Columbia, SC!!’ 


SATURDAY, JULY 17, 2021 AT 10 AM EDT - Your Host will be Corey All-in and Trish Lazarin.


The Public is invited - everyone on or off Facebook. 

On July 17th, Beginning At 10 am,

Freedom 515 Brings Together, Concerned Citizens, Grassroots Groups, State Representatives, and Other Conservative Leaders In The Fight For Liberty From All Across South Carolina. The Attendees Will Join Forces At The State House In Columbia to Take Part In A Family Friendly Event Helping Citizens Get Involved In Saving American Liberties!!


PatriotOak - A Proud Member of Freedom515 North Carolina

The Patriot Brotherhood


I don’t do Podcast-because to me I sound like a country bumpkin. I don’t do videos because...well let’s face it, I’m not a #ScottMckay of #ThePatriotStreetFighter. So, I do what I do to help Patriots everywhere to stay informed on the events going on around them and in our world. There are so many true Patriots which are doing as I am and so much more. I will name a few of them each time I post. Follow these men and women and stay up on current happenings.

#AmericanMediaPeriscope, #AmericanThoughtLeaders, #DanBongino, #BannonsWarRoom, #TheCharlieKirkShow - to start our list off. 


Chris Wallace nails Greg Abbott for racist election law: 'The point is to suppress voting by people of color'

"So you say you want to make it easier to vote," Wallace continued. "That's going to make it harder to vote. And then the question is why make it harder for some Texans to vote unless the point is suppress voting by people of color?" 

This story is from a left-leaning publication and does not reflect the opinions of the Populist Press. We’re pointing this situation out between Fox News’ Chris Wallace and Texas governor Greg Abbott to show that once again, Chris is a Democrat and propaganda slinger who disparages conservatives at every angle.


The Trump Card: Group reveals 7-point plan to reinstate Trump in 'days, not years' that includes installing him as House Speaker and ousting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

A seven-point plan of how to reinstate Donald Trump as president ‘in days, not years’ circulated at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas this past weekend.


The so-called 'Trump Card' details that the former president's best chances of retaking his seat in the Oval Office before the 2024 election is by getting him placed in the House Speakership post and ultimately leading Congress in impeaching and removing President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris from office. (Sounds like a plan to me-how about the rest of you?)



When you discover this happening-quickly remove your child from the said school and start a lawsuit!


Tucker on the Average American's Lack of Faith in Our Institutional Elites

The Democrat Party is the parasite, socialist, opportunist party feeding on the American people. The Parasites must keep the body sick to retain power. The parasites use “Vote Slaves” and their media to retain sickness and power. These Parasites weaken the masses and will do or say anything to keep control. Perhaps it is time for a different kind of vaccine-one that doesn’t come at the end of a needle but rather at the end of a rope, a barrel, for the crimes of treason.


Children EXPELLED After Their Parents Spoke Out Against Critical Race Theory

Someone-anyone, quickly remind me why we send our children to school. Perhaps it is past due for us as a nation to overhaul the education system. If taxpayers take children out of schools and refuse to pay school taxes, we could perhaps turn things around. The schools would lose their funding and would be shut down allowing the American people to reconstruct the failed system. Parents need to once again run for and be on school boards. Parents need to show up at the meetings. Change has to start at the local level. Take the welfare of our youth back into our own hands and stop allowing the government to do it.


Psaki Reveals Biden SUPPORTS Teaching Children Critical Race Theory in School

Joe Biden and most of the Democrat Party are racist bigots. Pull your children out of public school and join or start a homeschool group in your area. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic among a few others give small children a great start in learning. As they get older, add history-American history, as it took place and not some made-up BS. Science, as they get into a higher grade-Government and Current Events, Literature, Health, a good grasp on the English language (First) then move on to a foreign language. Anyone coming into this country should be made to speak our language as well as their own. At NO time should SEX Education be taught! That should remain in the hands of the parent. Welcome - Delphi Boston Delphi Boston

The 7 Best Online Homeschool Programs of 2021 Fact checked by Dale Brauner



Both the CIA & FBI have traitors corrupt to the core and need to be put in Gitmo.


Australian School “Accidentally” Vaccinated Children Without Parental Consent

I call BS-how does an entire school get vaccinated by accident? A crime against humanity and a huge case of child abuse! Can any government please answer the question as to why they are pushing a vaccine so hard for a disease with a 99 percent survival rate ( even higher in kids)-what is in the crap that they want everyone to have and why?


MUST WATCH: Teacher Has Students Participate in Outrageous CRT "Game"

Now you know why teachers don’t want cameras in the classroom! 


Moving Into A World Of Abundance With Carly, Julie & Charlie Ward

The British Researchers Call On The Government To Stop The Use Of Vaccines Immediately!

Catholic — News Report — Catholic Colleges Force the Jab

Why is the Catholic pushing this drug? Do they not read nor follow the Bible anymore?


Rudy Giuliani just received the most astonishing news from a Washington, D.C. court that flipped his world upside down

Rudy Giuliani is guilt-of but one thing and that is being friends and a supporter of Donald Trump. Giuliani has been the subject of a number of recent investigations surrounding Ukraine and the 2020 election. Now Giuliani’s license to practice in the nation’s capital is being suspended as well. They are aiming to disable any and all help he could have given to President Trump-do you believe their weak efforts will stop a man like Giuliani-no. Trump's team has recently distanced themselves from Rudy Giuliani saying he doesn’t represent Trump at all anymore, likely as a result of the incredibly overwhelmingly negative press he’s been receiving in the past few months. (Trump would not turn his back on a friend. Watch for the smokescreen).


The Pete Santilli Show Ep 2525

Again the FBI shows their ugly nature- the Biden administration is responsible for the treatment of these prisoners on January 6th. Whatever the political affiliation. The people being held in DC jail deserve bail. 500 people wrongfully cited, arrested, or jailed. While Antifa, a real terrorist group walks free. 


Rep. Nunes: Closing Calif. Nuke plant amid rolling blackouts is ridiculous

Amid an electricity shortage and increasing power costs, California is moving forward to close the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, which supplies 10 percent of the state's energy. However, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) tells One America News that he drafted a bill to keep the plant open, with an aim to expand its output and eventually end rolling blackouts in the state. One America's John Hines spoke to Nunes and has more from Washington. This is absolutely intentional. News scum needs to be physically removed along with Pelosi, Waters, Shifty Schiff, Swalwell, and Gascon! The Democrat party is in bed with global communists.


Ariz. and Pa. lead election inquiries

Keep your eyes on the audits-The Arizona audit has concluded and the Arizona senate has asked for an additional machine recount to verify the results. Pennsylvania also announced this week that it is going to conduct a forensic investigation into the election. (This is about to get interesting.) The auditors are trying to build an impenetrable shield against the onslaught they know will come when their report is released. 



Hitler's Worldview and the War Against International Marxism - VertigoPolitix: On Hitler's Worldview and the War Against International Marxism - If asked if you have been vaccinated, tell them yes. I am sure at some point in your life you have taken a vaccine of some kind for something. If this sets wrong within you then be ready for what might follow. (LISTEN to all of this one)


  Houston Ballots All Have Same Signature and Same Address

Trump did NOT concede… Lin Wood explains “many traitors” to be arrested shortly… final list of confirmed traitors acquired last night during congressional vote

The false flag storming of the Capitol Building is being used by the media and members of Congress to whitewash all the overwhelming evidence of election fraud in the general election. Suddenly in the media narrative, even the possibility of vote fraud by the Biden camp no longer matters because some people “stormed” the Capitol Building and that was scary. (Read the entire page.)


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. WARNS: Don’t take a COVID-19 vaccine under any circumstances

The nephew of former president John F. Kennedy recently issued a public statement urging people everywhere to avoid the COVID-19 jab at all costs because it contains an untested new technology known as mRNA, the long-term side effects of which are completely unknown. mRNA directly alters the genetic material of those who receive it, much like what happens when “scientists” genetically engineers (GMO) food crops like soybeans or corn to make them resistant to bugs or drought.


GITMO Prison Ready for Massive Swamp Draining – Prison Barges Sent to Gitmo – The List of Elites and Democrats Tribunals (Must Video)

Hillary's Collapse - She was 'ARRESTED', Hand & Leg Cuffed! (Clear Video)

WORLD FIRST — George H W Bush Executed by Military Tribunal. 

This one may be old news to most but for those who thought that H W Bush dies of natural cases-think again.

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