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by on July 8, 2021

The Patriot Brotherhood News Updates - 07/07/2021


I am trying something a wee-bit different tonight. I am placing my collected news briefs here on this one page. I have nearly 40 sites which I share the news with and each is usually open across the top of my page. Up to now I would take each of these ones by one and place them on the nearly 40+ sites taking hours...I do have a life but it has lessened with my attempt to keep Patriots everywhere up on what is happening. Please let me know if doing it this way works for you.



The Patriot Brotherhood


Cuomo Seizes Emergency Power on Gun 'Public Health' Crisis – PJ Media


Democrats have dropped hints that they might use various “public health” emergency declarations as an excuse to grasp power and circumvent the normal legislative process. Democrats have filed a bill to declare a national emergency on climate, for example. President Joe Biden himself has called guns a “public health crisis,” and perhaps Cuomo intends to inspire Biden to run roughshod over Congress. (It doesn't take a genius to see what the Deep State is up to by doing this. Like the fear spread by them of the virus to take control of the masses, now they will declare an emergency in hopes of taking our weapons-big mistake.)


Billy Falcon has recorded a number of songs I wish to share with you. They are packed with both truth and feeling. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.




Billy Falcon Never Surrender




Charlie Ward has posted a video that explains the events of today. Make no mistake Patriots, we are at war but a war like nothing we have ever fought. The STORM IS UPON US


An invisible layer of non-profits is forcing “critical” theories on K-12


A string of nonprofits conquered by the radical left has managed to wedge itself between state departments of education and local school districts, thus forcing damaging “critical theories” such as “critical race theory” upon the K-12 curriculum of American children. (If I have said it once I’ve said it a dozen times-if you school attempts to teach ‘CRT’ then remove your child from that school within the first 100 days and that school will lose its funding and be forced to close its doors. The safety and well-being of our children is far more important than the jobs of those teachers attempting to brainwash our youth.)




Robert L. Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, has proposed that the Federal Reserve cut $14 trillion in reparations checks to every African-American in the country, regardless of wealth or economic status. This is pretty rich coming from a man worth as much as he is. Johnson has been widely cited as America’s first Black billionaire. (I do not give a tinker's damn what color or how rich this person is-he’s a damn fool! Reparation-for what? No one who was ever a slave is dead. IF Any African-American wants a check of any kind...get the out and work for it! Doesn’t Johnson realize that black people paid into The Federal Reserve as well as the whites?)


New York court set to unseal Jeffrey Epstein's associate documents


 Loretta Preska, a judge involved in the case, emphasized that the unsealing of the documents would not affect the fairness of Maxwell’s trial. Among other things, Maxwell is thought to have taken part in child sex trafficking, including the grooming of girls to engage sexually with Epstein.


6.29.21 Patriot Streetfighter Tour Update: 250 Year Plan To Communism w/ Special Guests Part 1


6.29.21 Patriot Streetfighter Tour Update: 250 Year Plan To Communism w/ Special Guests Part 2

 6.29.21 Patriot Streetfighter Tour Update: 250 Year Plan To Communism w/ Special Guests Part 3


 6.29.21 Patriot Streetfighter Tour Update: 250 Year Plan To Communism w/ Special Guests Part 4 


Intel and history on how we nearly let this wonderful country slip through our fingers.  250 YEAR PLAN TO COMMUNISM


Joe Biden was caught off-guard by this Supreme Court ruling that is sure to tie the Democrats' hands in 2022 


The Supreme Court handed down a six-to-three majority decision that put the kibosh on the Democrats being able to challenge state election integrity laws. The majority stated that the DNC lawyers needed to prove widespread harm to minority groups and prove that Arizona had no interest in preventing voter fraud. They proved neither.




Trump just announced that he and others are filing a class-action lawsuit against big tech. Think of the timing, why now?  Think communication blackout, think discovery. Why interfere with an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves. How do you make information public?






(There is no need for them to come knocking on my door. I will not take the blinking shot!) 


MUST WATCH: NC Lt Gov Mark Robinson Gives EPIC 4th of July Speech 


Lt Gov Mark Robinson is a true Patriot and we need more people like him.

He is loud and proud and it is far past time for everyone to stand up and do the same.


AUDIT UPDATE: Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania Hold Enough Electoral College Votes to Switch the Election 


This is why the corrupt Democrats are screaming and freaking out.  With these three states, Trump wins the electoral college, and the Democrats, the Media, Social Media, and RINOs are proven liars once again. “Trump WON” Still people are screaming that it won’t make a difference. Trump is returning...he never left. Look to August.


BREAKING: Full Forensic Audit Announced




White/black-whatever color/sex or faith, if you are proud of who you are or of your country then please-by all means-LEAVE!




Gen. Flynn is among many who stand alongside  We The People against the Deep State. WWG1WGA - The Start: WW Military Sting!







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