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The Patriot Brotherhood News Updates - 07/05/2021


I am trying something a wee-bit different tonight. I am placing my collected news briefs here on this one page. I have nearly 40 sites with which I share the news with and each is usually open across the top of my page. Up to now I would take each of these one by one and place them on the nearly 40+ sites taking hours...I do have a life but it has lessened with my attempt to keep Patriots everywhere up on what is happening. Please let me know if doing it this way works for you.



The Patriot Brotherhood


Patriotic Country Rock Song RIPS Leftists and Bruce Springsteen 


If called upon, how many Patriots would risk everything to protect this great country? Will you stand against all and everyone to protect our way of life, our families, our freedom, our rights? Who will stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow Patriots or are we truly standing by ourselves?


Federal Judge Strikes Down Tax Mandate Provision in Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Relief Package


“The Biden administration reached too far, seized too much, and got its hand slapped,” Yost said. “This is a monumental win for the preservation of the U.S. Constitution—the separation of powers is real, and it exists for a reason.” 


Arizona Audit Report Will Show 'Significant Discrepancies': Arizona State Senators Share Claim On Social Media


Members of the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee believe that the audit will find discrepancies in the ballot count – as originally alleged by Republicans currently contesting the results of the 2020 US presidential election in the state. “The main reason the forensic audit is taking 2.5 months is because Maricopa County Supervisors and Recorder have obstructed the audit and refused to cooperate”.


It Never Ends: Top Democrat Says That Donald Trump Could Be Called To Testify Before a House Panel About the Capitol Mayhem


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is fighting back against Republicans who may join Democrats’ latest witch hunt. (For over 4 years the Deep-State has pulled out all the stops in the attempt to stop ‘President’ Donald J. Trump and they have failed very badly).  “During a closed-door meeting with freshman House Republicans, McCarthy said: If they do, ‘they better be ready to get all their committee assignments from her,” 


'Equal To What? What Men? Only White Men?' - Maxine Waters Attacks The Declaration Of Independence As Racist On The 4th Of July


Rep. Maxine Waters, like many progressive Democrats who’ve become prominent figures in the culture war, have turned their backs on American values and have become champions of efforts to demand “social justice” over historical oppressions both real and imagined, further dividing the country between left and right. In a tweet, Waters attacked the Declaration of Independence upon which the United States’ established its foundations as a sovereign nation free from the tyranny of the British monarchy. (Personally-I feel it is long overdue to remove Maxine Waters. Force her into retirement).


Situation Update, July 5th, 2021 - "Cyber Pearl Harbor" to be unleashed against America


No need to panic. No need to grow your own food. Trump and the military know full well the cities are packed with innocent people and will not allow shit to slam us very hard. (This was posted by someone but I have to say that I do not fully agree with this person. I would suggest that everyone learn how to live ‘Off Grid’. Patriots and their families will sooner or later have targets on our backs). 


Carlson highlights revelation of ‘enemies list’ of reporters compiled by Harris and her staff


Carlson highlights the revelation of the ‘enemies list’ of reporters compiled by Harris and her staff...Whenever former President Donald Trump had a critical word against journalists, the bulk of the media would indignantly declare any opposition or lack of cooperation with the media to be nothing less than an un-American assault on the First Amendment and freedom of the press. Yet, very few in the media reacted similarly when it was recently reported that Vice President Kamala Harris keeps an “enemies” list of reporters who disagree with or don’t fully understand her. (What is she up to?)


U.S. Supreme Court Rebuffs Appeal By Florist Who Spurned Gay Couple


Washington state imposed a $1,000 fine on Stutzman for violating an anti-discrimination law and was directed to make floral arrangements for same-sex weddings if she does so for opposite-sex weddings. The court ruled unanimously on June 17 in favor of Catholic Social Services but left certain legal questions unresolved. (But the state has the nerve to impose a fine on a business owner for supposedly discriminating against a same-sex wedding by refusing to do the flowers. A person dreams of owning his or her own business where they’re the boss, they make the rules. They have a right to decide who they will serve and who they will not for whatever reason. To have a state or court to say that you can not is also a case of discrimination. I was always taught-two wrongs didn’t make a right.)


Media Takes Swing at DeSantis and Strikes out Again


Will they ever learn...DeSantis is being attacked by just about every news agency around. The Floridian governor was attacked by the Washington Post and The Hill. These two lying media centers lied in their titles and gave fictitious information about DeSantis. One headline stated, “mandate[d] surveys of Florida students’ beliefs.” And The Hill stated that he made up a law that “require[ed] students, faculty be asked to declare their political beliefs.” 


Ron DeSantis did not say any of the things that he is said to have mentioned. However, the documents tell precisely what was said and prove that the media is a bunch of lying thugs.


Panic Sets in for Liberals as DeSantis Takes More Action to Stop Their Invasion 


The law the liberals in Florida hate is being celebrated by every American-loving person. Governor DeSantis signed a bill into law that officially ends the dangerous practice of conducting yearly assessments of college campuses for the sole purpose of determining the diversity and intellectual freedom of the students enrolled. The liberal practice was dangerous to students because it limited idea creation and sharing on campus. Students can now express themselves without fear of retaliation.


US political prisoners – DOJ's political targeting of Jan. 6


The New-KGB (FBI) is going after any Republican that was there. While the head of their agency denies that the break-in was led by Antifa, even though their leader made a video while being inside the Capitol, that he orchestrated it. Ashley Babbit being murdered by capital police, is he jailed in solitary confinement? THE INSURRECTIONIST ARE THE DEMOCRAT COMMUNIST PARTY!


Why Did Biden Just Deploy ‘Delta Forces’ To These Cities & Fauci Warn of ‘2 Americas’ Something Up! 


Something strange going on! President Biden has just deployed Delta Teams all across the country. His reason? Well, to help with Covid-19’s new Delta variant, just more forced federal intrusion into our lives and of course the vaccination agenda…




I can't see that mandatory vax be instituted upon our military but I have been wrong once or twice before. We need Trump back in the office now! The devastating effects we're seeing currently BY CHOICE to have the jab (or not) is infinitely smaller than the Cabal's hoped for MANDATED vax-caused death.


Keep Your Eyes On The Audit! By Charlie Ward


You are going to be shocked at the level of fraud that actually took place. 


 Trump will be back by Charlie Ward 


It has been a tough 7 months but Trump is coming back and the sick excuse now playing President will be removed. Wait-listen-and keep your eyes on the audits.


Time to look at our Government's – Dr. Charlie Ward


It’s time to clean the houses. It is time to stop following losers-losers in our government, in the medical field, in the news media-it’s time to get rid of them all. All will soon be held accountable.


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