Victoria Nicodemus
by on September 22, 2020

When I voted for Obama I wanted change. I thought that MAYBE he could bring that change. At the end of Obama’s second term, things were such a mess, I was out of hope that any politician would be any different, and had decided to NOT vote anymore at all.

🌟 Then our senior pastor at church began preaching on the importance of the CHRISTIAN VOTE!

He would never say who he was voting for, but rather he humbly encouraged each member to ask God for themselves, what He thought. So as a church we held a time of fasting and prayer to ask God who He would have us vote for, (but we weren’t suppose to discuss what God had said or was showing us/guiding us to do, with anyone.)

💥 I was shocked when I felt CLEARLY from the Spirit that I should vote for Trump. 😳

🙃 Those of you who know me know that my life’s been blown apart by some of the men I trusted, and I personally had (up until that point) perceived Trump as the kind of man who used and abused women. He was NOT who I would have voted for by my own understanding, but I also know that God can see things that I can’t.

The fact is that I don't always like the way Trump talks, but I like what he is doing.

💜 As a victim of violent crime, durning the Obama administration, I had what doctors called “catostrophic bodily damage” and “crime victims compensation” had maxed out at $100,000 for my medical care, although I was far from back on my feet. My daughter was born in a shelter, and my assailant had no money or personal property, so I couldn’t file a law suit for damages. (Btw I did my part and testified, but he only spent 6 months in prison, for destroying my life.)

😐 I had been approved for Medicaid but I couldn’t get any actual medical care. Every doctor that Medicaid assigned me, would say that they weren’t taking any new Medicaid patients, when I called to try to get an appointment. This went on for years. I was literally dying, even WITH medical insurance.

I’d go to the county hospital, where they’d run me in circles, stabilizing me, then sending me home, (although for most of this time my daughter and I were technically homeless) and yet they never really addressed anything that would have brought a significant change or healing. I had all but given up, and had accepted that there was no hope of me ever having a normal life again.

⚡️Then when President Trump had been in office only a few months things started to shift. Medicaid started calling ME to book my appointments. I started getting seen by specialists in NICE parts of town. I was going to see doctors in clean offices, and being treated like a real person that mattered. I got REAL MEDICAL CARE, and now I’m doing SO MUCH better! I launched a business last year, and I’ve actually become a contributing member of society instead of a drain on it. I’ve ALSO seen many of my military friends, who were in the same boat, have this SAME experience. I’ve seen, and can give a FIRST hand account of the results that have occurred since President Trump started running this country like a business.

🤔 NO he’s NOT a politician. He often says the wrong thing and offends people. But the media is also really biased against him, and as a child of the 70’s I’m dumbfounded. I never could have imagined that people could be so openly disrespectful to a United States president, and get away with it!

😳 Yet NONE of the people who’ve attacked President Trump publicly, or accused him of things, NOT EVEN any of those who tried to IMPEACH him have been found dead of an “apparent suicide.”

😎 Don't worry about what is popular, worry about what resonates with you. I choose to listen to my heart, let the Spirit guide me, and to honor our police and military.

😊 I choose to do my part to stop pedophiles, save children and women from human trafficking, to build up America rather than burn it down. I choose to bring manufacturing and jobs back to America. Our president is actually dealing with border security. Trump is making laws to protect animals. He’s going miles in making tougher penalties for human trafficking and pedophillia, rather than trying to “normalize” it.

🤷‍♀️ I am going to vote for the president that values life and is trying to stop Planned Parenthood from late term abortions.

I am proud to say that I’m voting Trump for a second time. 🇺🇸

I am going with the candidate that wants to be allies with Israel, to honor God’s HOLY LAND and chosen people!

I believe that it is UNITED we will STAND, or divided we will fall.

🥰 I believe that we CAN make America GREAT AGAIN.

💞💜💞 and BTW, all lives matter to the Lord, including black people, (and every other race) the police, the military, women, children, unborn babies and YES even privileged white people who’ve never suffered the kind of tragedy and hopelessness that I have. ❤️

Please take some time and really consider where you want to see yourself, your family and this country in a few years, and VOTE in person, no matter WHO you decide to vote for! 🙂 Not voting is STILL influencing the outcome. This is our United States of America’s presidential election, and no matter who you are, you won’t be able to escape the consequences of what happens this November.

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